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Pierced Earring Holder, Wooden Earring Holder, Acrylic Earring Holder, The Jazzy Woman's Guide to Earring Holders

Updated on July 5, 2009

Is your Earring Holder Hand made?

Nothing irks me more than rushing to get dolled-up for dinner and having to shuffle hastily through a pile of jumbled earrings. For this very reason and to avoid frustration in the future, I’ve embarked on a journey to find the perfect earring holder. For all you lovers of hoops and bangles, studs and shiny bobbles, I share my findings in hopes that you too can rid your lives of this hassle.

It’s really all about convenience and organization. The simplest solution out there is surely the mesh wire earring holder. On a modest frame, wire mesh or screen with holes slightly larger than an average earring post is stretched. Next, you put your post, straight or arched, through the spaces in the mesh and secure it on the other side with the back if necessary. Voila! Put pairs together for easy location, and you’re ready to go.

For those of us who desire options, there’s an endless selection of wrought iron, standing earring holders, forms such as trees and mannequins where earrings can drape elegantly from hooks or holes, and vintage, tiered, candy tray-like choices where you can stack by color, size, or style.

Wooden models are handy and range from adjustable wall mounted versions, slightly too spice-rack reminiscent for my taste, to rotatable pegged selections.

Ways to Construct Your Earring Holder

Yet if you’re shooting solely for function, divided bowls with lids or plastic bead trays are great solutions.

One of the most fun and rewarding ways to go about choosing an earring holder, however, is to take the DIY approach. Not only can you craft a creation specific to your jewelry selection, but you can tailor it to the tastes of your home.

Step 1: Find a frame that’s large enough for you to lay all your earrings in, side by side. Whether standing up or on a wall, you don’t want to limit yourself space-wise and defeat the purpose.

Step 2: Place a piece of mesh, screen from any hardware store, colored cardstock, or whatever sort of backing you enjoy. Be sure that it’s forgivable yet sturdy enough to stand the punching through or hanging on of your earring collection.

Step 3: If you’ve selected a solid backing, you may want to create the earring holes first with an ice pick or thumbtack. If you’ve taken the mesh or screen route, simply hang or stick them through the existing spaces.

Do you keep your Earrings in Wooden Earring Holders?

Would you make or buy your own Earring Holder?

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Work of Art

That’s it ladies. You have a customized work of art that not only looks fabulous but will save you hours of time and profane exclamations down the road.

Whatever your style or earring selection, it’s great to have easy access, visibility of all your pieces, and a way to keep them in good condition. Next time you’re skirting out the door, it’ll be a breeze to pick out and toss on that perfect pair of earrings.


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