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Pimp Your 42mm Apple Watch Band

Updated on February 16, 2017

When Apple introduced their sport watch, they have teamed up with Nike to produce the Apple watch Nike +. The sport watch was an instant hit especially to sports enthusiasts. What more could you ask from a watch. You get to run, jog, do extreme sports but you still get all the same features including built-in GPS and a waterproof design.

The new 42mm Apple Watch band, however, features a perforated strap finish that makes it more durable and offer a more breathable fit when you're getting a sweat on. Luckily, like the standard Watch, you can change the straps out in the same way as you could on the first Apple Watch- just press a small release tab on the bottom of the watch face, and you can slide your band and replace it with a new one. The bad news is, Apple does not sell the strap for the Apple Watch Nike + separately.

To get the strap, you need to buy the watch and that is not a cheap buy.

Suit your iwatch with your style.
Suit your iwatch with your style.

Be Fashionable in a Cheaper Way

Don’t fret, there is still hope as I have found a couple of third party bands to pimp your Apple Watch for less. Just like this Apple Watch band from Amazon (link below) which is a very convincing copy according to the reviews I have read. This Apple Watch band perfectly fits the 42mm Apple Watch Nike +, Apple Watch Series 2, Series 1, and Sport Edition. It is suited for 6.3-8.3 inch wrist.

This 42mm Apple Watch band also features a silicon strap that has lugs on both sides which is the same as the original band to lock the watch perfectly and securely. The strap has rows of compression molded perforations to improve ventilation, to reduce weight, and comfortable to exercise in. Since it’s a sport watch, you would not want a watch that is too heavy on your hand while doing your sport activity, so this watch band is a good replacement.

What I like about this watch band is that they offer 3 more colors aside from the typical black and yellow strap which means, you can now wear your Apple watch in more varied colors.

Go for best fit and of course, best quality.
Go for best fit and of course, best quality.

What to Take Note When Buying a Third Party iWatch Band

However, keep in mind to look for a replacement watch band that is durable and made of quality material in order for your Apple Watch not to look cheap and fake. A lot of watch bands are cheaper than the original bands, but do not compromise the quality of your replacement band. Watch bands that do not match your watch will ruin the beauty and quality of your watch. Look for something that will not only complement your Apple Watch but will also give you that satisfaction of buying a quality and cheaper replacement watch band.

Buying a replacement band for your Apple Watch from third party vendors may not be easy, but there are a lot of third party bands that offer good quality. Always read the details provided, as well as the reviews of other buyers since you can get a glimpse of how effective or good a product is. It is also a plus if the seller offers a replacement or a refund for any defective item.


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