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Why Pink Is My New Black

Updated on April 25, 2015

Pink Isn't Just A Pretty Color It Also Has Significance

Pink Breast Cancer Scarf
Pink Breast Cancer Scarf | Source
Pink and Brown Sneakers
Pink and Brown Sneakers | Source
Pink Breast Cancer Ribbon Pin I was given at the American Cancer Society's "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" event.
Pink Breast Cancer Ribbon Pin I was given at the American Cancer Society's "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" event. | Source
Vintage Pink Floral Necklace
Vintage Pink Floral Necklace | Source
Vintage Pink Lloyd Williams Blouse
Vintage Pink Lloyd Williams Blouse | Source
Pink Vinyl Tote Bag
Pink Vinyl Tote Bag | Source

Pink Doesn't Have To Be Soft

I've always loved the color pink, even before I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and I saw the pink ribbons as a sign of hope. Now whenever I wear my fuchsia pink ruffled scarf or pink and white striped Converse from Ross I feel more than "pretty" I also feel "strong". I'm ready for my daily battle with the disease and I'm doing it with style. It's beyond a signature and habit it's a symbol of survival for me.

Current Ways Pink Was Used In Fashion:

For the Winter 2014 season Pink was the hot color. Throughout history it's been considered "the color of love" and "flamingo, bubblegum, hot and blush pink" are the most popular hues in the category. When combined with black and red it also radiates seduction.

Breast Cancer Awareness:

A lot of companies have discovered the importance of featuring the hue and its symbolic ribbon in support for continuing research. is just one internet site that features merchandise devoted to giving proceeds from their t-shirt sales to research. In October 2010. Office Max sold pink paper, pens, steno pads and other products for Breast Cancer Awareness month. Marie Claire magazine even took it up a fashion notch with their October 2010 Pink Ladies fashion layout. Featured in every price range, they included "Clinique's" lipstick/ribbon key ring for $16, Donna Karan's Key to the Cure t-shirt for $35 and Ralph Lauren's pink pony umbrella for $95.

But I don't think you need to be so obvious with your solidarity by wearing a "ribbon-laden" garment or accessory, because the color itself is meaningful enough. I personally prefer to buy most of my pink items at stores that carry "Hello Kitty" merchandise. For Christmas last year I treated myself to a plastic pink heart "Hello Kitty" keychain and a pink "Hello Kitty" tote bag from "Trendy" in "Mitsuwa Marketplace".Before breast cancer "Hello Kitty" was my muse who helped me feel secure and strong now I can say the same about the color pink.

While dealing with the breast cancer journey I've also found that a touch of pink, whether it's as simple as a piece of jewelry or a scarf, can not only bring up your mood but can also make you look prettier and fresher.

Ways to Wear Pink Now:

1) Light powder pink blazer over a white blouse, white pants with beige shoes.

2) Pink with orange and white

3) Pink with black or navy-blue

From Accessories to Beauty Products Pink Has Become An Inspiration

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It's Wonderful To Support Others

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