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Pink Havana Leather Fringe Necklace

Updated on April 5, 2011
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Who doesn't love the idea of a nice pink necklace? I really can't think of anyone at this point in time, apart from perhaps Vladimir Putin, who would judo chop a pink necklace into a million pieces before you got it anywhere near him. He is ruthless to enemies and jewelry alike.

This particular necklace would not fare well because it is fringed. This means that it would remind Vladimir of the 60's and 70's, which were bitter days for him largely spent crawling through caves of ice with a dagger between his teeth and a song in his heart. Or perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps the fringing would ignite Vladimir's more carefree side, perhaps he would embrace the spirit of the Age of Aquarius. It is difficult to predict Putin, that is what makes him such a dangerous political figure, and quite a handy racquet-ball player in his spare time.

You might, at this point, wonder why I am referrring to Vladimir Putin every paragraph. Let's just say I don't feel that enough fashion commentary is made using Vladimir as a reference point. People are always talking about Adriana Lima and Oprah Winfrey instead.

Lucky Brand is deeply patriotic and made in America. This might attract you if you also happen to be deeply patriotic and made in America, or put you off if you aren't. To be fair though, we're all carbon based life forms, so who wants to get too caught up in relatively petty matters of geo location? (Hint: Everybody.)

The manufacturer is very effusive about their product, describing it thusly:Lightweight leather fringe punctuated by wooden top beads all strung in a cascading chandelier on antiqued chunky chain combine in a textural symphony.

I think you need more than three elements to create a symphony, but I'm no Beethoven, so let's move on quickly before we are shamed. To discuss the relative merits of this necklace, we must acknowledge that it is very on trend. It's very retro, and retro is in right now. Everything is fringed. Retailers are doing a roaring trade in fringed bags, fringed jackets, even fringed socks and fringed handkerchiefs. I made the last two things up, but I say these things in a spirit of carefree innovation.

I particularly enjoy the maroon nature of the pink. Let's face it, one side of the leather is clearly darker and that provides pleasing contrast. Just as the days are brighter than the nights (assuming nobody is shining a bright light in your face at 2 am on an otherwise pleasant Sunday morning) so too is the fring side of the leather darker than the alternate side. There's a lesson in this, a lesson in being tolerant to our fellow man and looking completely fabulous whilst doing it.

This necklace is currently retailing for $69.95, which is probably reasonable in one Universe or another.

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