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Pink Ribbon Scrub Uniforms

Updated on October 22, 2012

There must be a million different ribbon campaigns today, and, if you're like me, you probably can't keep track of which color goes with what. The pink ribbon awareness campaign, however, is one that most people are aware of; I suspect everyone in health-care has heard of it. If you're someone who hasn't heard of it before, the pink ribbon is meant to remind people of the war against breast cancer. Some of the larger scrub uniform companies make scrubs with these pink ribbons; you can see them in many hospitals and outpatient clinics. Nurses and other health-care workers wear them to show their solidarity with those dealing with breast cancer.

Hope Garden from Dickies

Dickies makes some the prettiest scrubs available, and this Hope Garden top is no exception. The colors are vibrant and beautiful. The design is feminine, professional and quite cheerful, all things considered.

Notice it has that faux wrap design that's becoming so trendy. A far cry from the standard issue! This also comes in a few other variations, but this is my fave of the bunch, I think.

Pink Ribbon Scrapbook from Peaches

This one is awfully pink, but I suppose that's the point! Lots of hearts and pink ribbons make this a scrub uniform especially cheery and feminine. If anything combines pink ribbons and positive emotions, it's this scrub top.

Pink Hugs from Dickies

Another fashionably designed scrub top from Dickies, the Pink Hugs tunic is upbeat and cheerful, with colors that everyone will admire. It's the traditional shirt style, but the design makes it fresh and modern.

And it's one of the few that isn't totally pink, so if you're not a huge fan of that particular color, this could be the one for you.

Hope Espresso From Peaches

The Hope Espresso breast awareness top from Peaches is made from earthy colors that would look great on darker skin tones, especially olive or mocha. It's a very comfy design that makes me think of a homemade country quilt. I love it. Very, very cute.

Elephant's Hope from YellowCross Uniforms

If you don't think this Elephant's Hope scrub shirt from Yellow Cross is absolutely adorable, you're a cold, cold fish!

This is just the cutest little top I've ever seen, and it's very, very affordable. If I saw someone wearing this, I'd have to compliment them on it. It's just too cute! Look at their little trunks holding the ribbon. Adorable!


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