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Cosmetic plastic surgery: to do it or not?

Updated on January 28, 2012

Plastic surgery: to do it or not?

Though plastic surgery is around for a very long time now, but it still is one of the most discussed questions for decades. People still do not agree whether it should be done only for medical reasons or for cosmetic corrections too. 
Most people agree that plastic surgeries are a must when people need it after some accident, where they got some very serious injuries that may somehow affect their future (like burn or big scars). It would be illogical to say that plastic surgery is inappropriate in such cases, and I believe, no one would say it, but there are other cases. Those other cases are when people change their body just to become more beautiful (as they believe). But does it worth risk? Is it safe? How can it affect your life? And where there is a stop for this?

Everyone knows who Michael Jackson was but not everyone knows how he should look. Some of those who are of a younger age, probably may not think that sometime he was an Afro-American singer, just later changed to who we remember him to be. There were many opinions about, whether he should done with himself what he did, of shouldn’t he, but it’s already a past. It’s everyone’s own opinion and you can all offer your opinion down in the comments. But we must admit that those changes made effect to MJ. It’s only question on good or bad. But that’s an open question for discussion.

There aren’t so many examples as MJ’s. Although most of us should have heard of Lolo Ferrari, who was the women with the largest breast till 2000, when she died, as some people believe, because of her breasts caused her suffocation. 

soldier after first plastic surgery

Why plastic surgery is good

This question may have many aspects, but the most important is the one related with humans’ health. In fact plastic surgery was first introduced in 1917 by caring for soldiers suffering from disfiguring facial injuries. There are many reasons why plastic surgery makes peoples health better and all those I believe should be considered as good points of plastic surgery. Some people just have to change their ears, nose or something because, it makes their life more comfortable, for example they can breathe easier. Inborn defect or injury that made visible outer scars should also be a reason to do a plastic surgery to restore status quo.

Why plastic surgery is bad

There are even more reasons why plastic surgery is considered to be bad, unhealthy or even harmful. The example of MJ, can’t be put in this section, because we don’t know who he would become without it, but Lolo suits it perfectly. She paid her life to have such a breast, but she also received fame, that much are envy about. As it’s said ‘everyone in Miami has its own plastic surgeon’ (same about Los Angeles), but if that’s true or even close to true, so this is horrible. I can’t even imagine how many breast implants are made and used each day. Some people even get obsessed about those surgeries and changes type of their ears, nose size of breast regularly. As in my opinion that is way too much. 


Plastic surgery isn't cheap i have to say. In The Baltics it's about $5000 for breast surgery while in US it mostly only starts from 5000 and goes 8000. Others are at almost the same prices, and vary on specific clinics.

It’s your choice
As everything I just said, is my own opinion, and you may always do whatever you want I insist you to think well before making this choice.

More, I include videos on how a girls pop band members in Lithuania made their breast operations.


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    • fanatik_efka profile image

      fanatik_efka 7 years ago from Vilnius, Lithuania

      Thanks for comment Michael. I must agree with you, that beauty is the in people themselves. As you said, you just have to find it

    • Michael Durden profile image

      Michael Durden 7 years ago

      Interesting hub on plastic surgery. I think in some cases, like disfigurement, it can be a good thing. I think many people go overboard though and are just trying to reach some impossible level of perfection. In most cases, people should just find the beauty already existing within themselves.