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Pleated Skirts | Walk In Folded Beauty

Updated on October 19, 2010
Pleated skirt by Derek Lam
Pleated skirt by Derek Lam

Although most women won't have worn a pleated skirt since childhood, that may soon be changing thanks to the bright trend of pleated skirts returning to runways this season. Running the gamut from short little mini pleated skirts to more demure knee length creations, the pleated skirt is seeing quite a style make over. Indeed, I need not fear being guilty of exaggeration when I say that the new pleated skirts are like no pleated skirts you've seen before.

Versus Satin Velvet Pleated Skirt

Kicking things off with a shiny, expensive bang, the Versus pleated satin velvet paneled skirt is a mini pleated skirt with a difference. Most of the difference is in the fact that the soft satin velvet sets this number apart from the cheerleader style it quite obviously pays an arch sort of homage to, and the fact that it will set you back almost one thousand dollars.

In a way, this could be regarded as the mini doctor evil of the pleated skirts. Ostentatious, yet somehow aged, it makes wild demands on one's wallet that one finds rather difficult to take all that seriously.

Pringle Of Scotland Leather and Wool Pleated Kilt

A kilt only barely sneaks into this category by the skin of its kilty teeth, but merely laying eyes on this skirt made me bubble up with excitement inside. It's an entirely gorgeous take on the traditional kilt, with asymmetrically cut pleats and slashes of leather that make this a garment for a woman (or perhaps a man) of action.

Of course, one has to expect to pay for this kind of fashion excellence, and at this point I feel rather guilty for giving the Versus Satin Pleated Skirt heck for being priced in the $1,000 range, because this kilt, this lovely kilt, will charmingly gouge over $2,000 out of your clothing budget without blinking an eye.

Free People Pleated Floral Skirt

And now I return you back to planet earth, where fashion doesn't have to amount to a down payment on a small house. This pretty asymmetrical floral skirt, which in many respects, can be compared to the kilt above (in terms of the fact that there are pleats and asymmetry to be had,) is only $88.

My only bone to pick with this skirt is that it is a mini skirt, and whilst it makes a lovely mini skirt, I think it would make an equally lovely knee length skirt, if only it were given the chance to be a little longer, a little more mature.

Alexander Wang Pleated Mini Skirt

Finishing off this little collection of pleated wonders, is a black (they're insisting it is black, even though it looks gray) pleated mini skirt from Alexander Wang, whose praises I could sing for eternity, or if not eternity, quite a long time.

The little pleats in the center front of the garment buck the traditional pleated skirt trend which tends to put pleats in the back and a solid panel in the front and does so in a way that makes this skirt look positively artistic in its execution. 

Chunky side panels complete with faux pockets and faux buttons top the look off in a way that is restrained and yet entirely alluring. A charming piece from a charming designer.


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