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Plus Size Cashmere

Updated on January 1, 2012

Plus size cashmere coats for women are wrongly thought of as hard to find or unfitting for larger girls. This however cannot be further away from the truth because cashmere coats look great on larger figures and in fact can actually give the illusion of a slimmer and taller structure.

Everyone has been hooked on cashmere lately due to its soft silky quality and therefore fetches a high price. They are hard to come by due to its limited supply and the difficulty it is to cure the goat wool .Another specialty cashmere has over wool or any other material is that it is very thin and yet can trap in warm air like no other. This results in cashmere coats being excellent in the winter in keeping you warm, but also in summer because it is a breezy thin coat.

There are literally hundreds of styles of cashmere coats for plus size women to choose from. Depending on your own fashion taste and amount of funds available, you can choose from styles such as tall turtleneck to v-neck style cashmere coats, where the front flaps give the illusion of a v neck and thus a longer elevated neck line which ultimately makes you look taller and thinner.

For plus size recommendations, one should stay away from turtlenecks as it does the very opposite of a v neck. It gives the illusion of a shorter neck and as a result a shorter overall body structure.

Cashmere is not a particularly stretchy material and therefore it is essential to find the correct size for your coats in order to not damage it. However, after finding the perfect coat, plus size women can wear it anywhere from formal business meetings to evening parties. Just have a change of heels and you literally have a walking wardrobe set for the day!


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