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Popular Fashions – What Not To Wear!!!

Updated on March 22, 2013
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I grew up in a small community in Northwest Arkansas. My life is a busy balance of family and friends, work and play, good times and bad.

A week or two ago, I made a comment on Facebook about popular fashion disasters. Something to the effect of the designers must be laughing their butts off at the crap that people will wear just because some store advertises that it is the “in” look. After the feedback I received, I decided to take the comment a step further and write a full article about some of the most popular fashion disasters I have seen. Most of these comments are aimed at women but a few of them can be applied to the men as well.

This article may seem like I am picking on certain retail or department stores, but that is not my intent.  This article is not a personal rant but a collection of popular trends that have been brought to my attention by family and friends.  The point of this article is to make you think before you buy something just because it is a popular look.  Keep in mind that there are certain people who can pull off these looks, but these trends are not attractive on most people.

Jeans the show your ankles – Waiting for the flood?

I can remember when I was younger, the kids at school would make fun of the other kids who wore pants that were too short. Wearing pants that showed your ankles used to mean that you had had a growth spurt and your parents had not bought you new pants yet. Now they are trying to pass this off as a popular trend.

Hip-hugger jeans should only be worn by women who are somewhat skinny but have the hips to keep the jeans up.  It makes no sense for a skinny girl with no hips to wear hip-huggers . . . all you are doing is showing off that you have no curves.  You should not wear hip-huggers if you have a bubble butt – this just makes your butt look bigger.  If you have a little pudge around the middle – DO NOT WEAR HIP-HUGGERS!!!  It is really not attractive to see a chunky girl in hip-huggers with her jelly rolls hanging over the top of the jeans – and they usually have on the short shirts on that makes those jelly rolls really stand out.  For those ladies that can pull off wearing hip-huggers, please wear appropriate panties.  I don’t want to see the top of your panties, this includes the top of your g-string. Granny panties that come up to your waist do not look good with hip-huggers.  If you don’t have the proper panties, then go without.

While I am on the subject of jeans – what is up with wearing high heels with skinny jeans? This does not dress up the jeans. I don’t care if the celebrities have been seen wearing this style . . . it screams white trash!!! How about skinny jeans with knee high boots . . . or boots with the fuzzy crap around the top? Really? This is not attractive on most people.

Flip-flops - with jewels, sequins, platforms, or heels?

Since I am on the topic of footwear, let me move on to flip flops.  Flip flops are popular in the spring and summer time.  It is not a big surprise to see people walking around in the store in flip flops.  The problem is that I have seen people were flip flops with dressier outfits, such as formal dresses.  Just because they put bows, buttons, flowers, or sequins on a pair of flip flops, it does not make it ok to wear them to a formal event.  I also don’t see the need to have a pair in every color of the rainbow.  I understand that teenie-boppers may think it is cute to have a pair of flip flops to match every outfit, but for adults – NOT CUTE!!!  Flip flops with cartoon characters – slap your own hand the next time you reach for a pair!!!  These are only cute on pre-teens and younger!!!

The same thing goes with sandals.  I am not even sure how sandals are supposed to be comfortable.  They are basically little bits of leather on a paper thin sole.  There is absolutely no support to them and they provide very little protection from stepping on sharp objects.  So instead of doing something smart to make the product more comfortable, like adding a thicker bottom, the shoe companies just add more leather straps.  Instead of having a pair of sandals that buckle around the ankle, you can have a pair that you have to wrap the straps around your leg until the straps reach your knee.

Shorts that tie in the front – Is that supposed to keep them up?

I have to say that only time I can remember seeing shorts that tied in the front was in the maternity section.  The reason the short tie in the front is so that they can be let out as the lady gets bigger.  This is not an attractive style for most people.   On a skinny person, the ties are going to cause lumps and make you look not-so-skinny.  On a bigger person, the tie-front shorts are going to make you look pregnant.  Not attractive unless you are expecting a baby.  

Rompers – The Onesies for Adults!

This is another fashion I can remember from childhood that I have to question if adults should be wearing this.  Shorts and top made together into a one-piece outfit.  Trying to get in and out of a romper is not an easy task . . . especially if you are in a hurry to go potty.  Just think of how embarrassing it is to try using a public restroom when you are wearing a romper.  First you have to struggle to get out of it.  Then what happens if someone jiggles the door while you are sitting there doing your business?  If that little lock doesn’t hold, you are going to be caught with more than just your pants down because your top is in the floor with your pants.  Talk about EMBARRASSING!!!  Let’s just leave the rompers for the little kids to wear.

Layered Tank Tops – What is the Point?

I thought the whole point for wearing a tank top is that they are light weight and comfortable in the summer time.  So what is the point in wearing multiple layers of tank tops?  I have seen ladies – not just girls – that have 4 or more tank tops on at one time, some the regular y back and some that have spaghetti straps.  Ladies, you do realize that wearing all those layers does not make you look skinny, hip, or chic.  In fact, wearing layers can make you look fatter than you are.  I don’t care if the layered tank top are the latest fashion in the teen world . . . the key word is TEEN!!!  Anyone older than 16 should not wear layered tank tops.

The same goes for wearing more than one t-shirt at a time.  I can understand wearing a long sleeved shirt under a t-shirt when the weather is getting cooler, but two t-shirts in the middle of the summer?  Are you wearing more than one so that if you spill something on the first one, you can switch and wear the other shirt on top?  Somehow I don’t think that is the reason.  All you are really doing is messing up more laundry that you will have to wash later.  

Dresses – the Tube, trapeze, and juniors.

The first two dresses bring to mind the age old question of “does this dress make me look fat”. The answer is going to be “YES, that style of dress does make you look fat!” Remember from years ago the little tops called tube tops that were not much more than a wide piece of elastic banding that females wore in place of a real shirt. The tube dress follows along the same lines except it an extra piece of material on the bottom that is supposed to pass as a skirt but looks more like a bubble. Let’s be honest here . . . with any strapless dress, you really have to have enough up top to keep it up. With the tube dress, the bubble skirt will make your backside look big – even on the skinny ladies.

The second dress is the trapeze style, which is designed to be free flowing and comfortable for any woman to wear. The main problem is that this dress is held up by the shoulder straps, gently flows across the chest . . . and then touches nowhere else. It is very similar to maternity style dresses, which are made to hide the early signs of pregnancy. Do you want people to question if you are expecting just because you are wearing this style of dress?

The next style of dresses is basically any dress that you can buy in the junior’s department. Ladies, please stop and think before you buy out of the junior’s department. If your daughter has a dress that is similar – or worse, identical – in her closet, DO NOT BUY IT!! Walk away from the dress!! Even if you are small enough that you can wear clothing from the junior’s department, it is not attractive for an older woman to be wearing those cute little dresses. Just think of your poor daughter. It may be cute to dress alike when she is little but please stop before she reaches the pre-teenage years. Do you know how embarrassing it must be for her to be seen wearing the same outfit as her mother? Give the kid a break!! It is hard enough being a teenager.

While I am on the subject of cute little dresses . . . what is up with the super mini-skirts? You ladies should be ashamed for wearing skirts that are so short that they barely cover your butt cheeks!!! You can’t bend over or squat down without showing your panties. I don’t care how good you think your legs look in the short skirts, it does not excuse showing your private area every time you get in or out of a car. How about those ladies that don’t wear any panties under those short skirts? Really? You are going to give an old man a heart attack . . . or a young child a sneak peek of things to come. You should be ashamed either way! Once again, it screams white trash!!! It used to be that the only “ladies” that wore skirts that short were the kind that worked the street corners. Now it is considered appropriate for business meetings? I understand that is one way to work your way up the corporate ladder, but eventually you are going to run into a boss who doesn’t approve or is offended by that attire.  I am so offended by the super mini skirts that I am not even going to add a picture of one.

My Advice

I am not giving specific advice on clothing styles for each body type because finding your style involves more than just your body type.  Just like with make-up, you have to find the colors that look best on you.  You need to figure out which fabrics and designs fit your personality and energy type – not just your body style. 

Now that I have said this, please think when you are shopping for clothes.  Not all of the popular trends are going to look good on every body type.  Try the clothes on before you buy them . . . take a friend along who will give you honest feedback on how the clothes look on you.  Learn what styles look best on you and fits your personality/energy type.

 I suggest you check out Carol Tuttle for advice on dressing for your personality.  Carol has developed 4 energy/personality types based on body type, coloring, and other factors.  The 4 types are:

 Type 1: The Bright, Animated Woman

Type 2: The Subtle, Soft Woman

Type 3: The Rich, Dynamic Woman

Type 4: The Bold, Striking Woman

Carol offers suggestions for colors, fabric choices, and styles of dressing for each type, plus tips on make-up, hair styles, and accessories.  (Search YouTube for Dressing Your Truth videos for FREE helpful tips!!)

A Note About Leaving Comments:

Constructive criticism is always welcome. 

Comments that are rude, hateful, mean, or include inappropriate language (cussing) will not be approved. 

This article was not written as a person attack on people who try to keep up with the popular trends.  I am sorry if you decide to take it as a personal attack – it just means that you know you are guilty of buying what is popular without thinking about how it looks on you.

Keep this article in the back of your mind the next time you go shopping.


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