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Practical Fashion Tips for Women in their 40's

Updated on October 19, 2012

For women in their forties, finding the right clothes that are age appropriate and at the same time, stylish, can be a bit challenging especially when most clothes and styles today are marketed towards younger dressers. Still, don't let the limited options stop you from looking good, hip and youthful. With the right accessories and clothing mixes, you can turn any blouse into a fashionable number that's perfect for your age.


The Little Black Dress is a timeless option and should never be missing from your wardrobe.

Never forget this important advice: make sure you have at least one beautiful black dress in your wardrobe which you can use in any event and situation. Wearing a cocktail dress to any event makes you look more youthful and outgoing while the color of an LBD gives the illusions Regardless of your age, the little black dress is considered a fashion necessity than a simple piece you have in your wardrobe. When choosing a little black dress for your collection, choose dresses that are at knees' length, since this would be the most age appropriate option-- or go shorter if you have a beautiful set of gams and know it.

Need glasses to see? Have fun with printed or colored frames.

Can't live without your reading glasses? If your eyewear has pretty much become part of your life, don't ignore it and if possible, incorporate your reading glasses into your attire. Investing in stylish reading glasses with brightly colored frames and unusual frame styles can improve your look and at the same time, emphasize your facial features. If you want to look presentable, sophisticated or even, hip, you don't need to mix and match unusual pieces of clothing altogether; your stylish reading glasses are good enough as accents.

Reading glasses today come in all frame shapes, colors and sizes. To look good regardless of your clothes, it is best to invest in reading glasses that are compatible with your face shape and skin tone. When shopping for a pair of reading glasses, make sure the frame shape of your glasses are in tune with the shape and angles of your face. If you want to emphasize your facial features, pick your reading glasses depending on their compatibility with your skin tone. To help you make the right fashion choices, read this complete style guide for eyeglasses.

Fall or autumn colors are perfect for women who are in their 40's.

Women who are in their 40's tend to look good in any color that belongs to the autumn spectrum. Autumn colors are very solid, formal, easy on the eyes, and tend to give off a very warm and cozy feeling. If you want to wear dark autumn hues, choose colors like brown, violet, fern green, chrome, and even darker shades of orange. These colors are very easy on the eyes, professional, and very age appropriate. However, if you seek colors that are bright and cheerful without looking too childish, you could go with colors like bright red, yellow, and even lighter shades of green and orange.

Most importantly...

Don't be afraid to try on hip and youthful attires even when you are in your 40's; however, make sure to choose your colors and textures wisely to look appropriate for your age and personality.


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