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Prada Handbags: Top 5 Picks

Updated on December 3, 2010

Before I get into this list, I have to say I've never been a big fan of Prada, and I'm still not, despite having been able to find 5 bags that I like. I particularly dislike those sheer, satiny, shimmery bags that look like an extension of something you would have carried your pencils to school in.

For the most part, I find it all very hideous and cheap looking. Yes, I'm sure that's blasphemous in many circles -- but hey, that's how it is. All of that said, I do quite like those on this list, and Prada does have some very nice 'proper' leather handbags. I certainly wouldn't return them if someone gifted me with one.

Prada Striped Napa Hobo

Did you think Ringling Brothers when you first saw this one? Or was that just me? But after a few seconds I became rather fond of it. Those colors really make it seem like something a supermodel would take to the beach.

I love purple, and these shades are fabulous, if not a bit loud. And, of course, I love the hobo design, so this one would definitely be a keeper.

Cost: $1675

Prada Cervo Bag

This is from Prada's Spring collection, if you can't tell from that green. Yes, you could probably use this to tote your bowling ball around, but it still looks very hip and trendy. I love those straps and buckles are lovely.

I'm pretty sure I could even make do with that green if Santa had a mind to stuff one into my stocking.

Cost: $1495

Prada Soft Calfskin Hobo

This is a fairly traditional looking bag, for those who prefer their bags not attract more attention than themselves.

Of course, it has that Prada logo, large enough to be spotted from the space shuttle, but that's what you're paying for, so go on and get your groove on, we won't mind.

Cost: $1145

Prada Leather Pocket Tote

I am particularly fond of this one -- I love that leather. I love the color, the texture, the shine. I love it. It is, perhaps, a tad large... but then, it's a tote, so one can hardly complain, can they.

It's a bit simple in terms of design, so this is another one that will allow you to be noticed before your handbag.

Cost: $1595

Prada Floral Tote

You may be surprised to see something this frou-frou make the list, but I like it. I like it a lot, actually.... pansy flowers and all. I wouldn't gift anyone with this, however, as it will really only appeal to certain people.

The detail is magnificent and the color is very flattering, you could do this with anything from dressy to jeans.

Cost: $1750


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