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Pretty Cheeky Panties From Victoria's Secret

Updated on October 21, 2009

Victoria's Secret are legends in lingerie, and for good reason. Yes, they don't skimp when it comes to getting unbelievably hot models who look like they were bio-engineered in a South American genetics lab, but more importantly they make great innovative lingerie at a reasonable price.

I'm going to be reviewing some of my favorites from their 'Cheeky' range of panties, yes, a range specifically designed to let a little butt cheek show. If you spend hours a week working in the gym and toning your butt, then why not show it off? Even if you don't, these naughty panties will make you feel sassy and sexy, without going the whole hog and donning the dreaded butt floss thong.

These seamless scalloped panties are devilishly simple in their approach, but sure to look good on almost anyone. The lack of seams means that panty lines are considerably reduced, and the scalloping along the butt line creates a cute visual distraction that will enhance the way your ass looks in these panties. These come in black, baby blue, and two shades of pink to suit any occasion.

Now hows this for a little lace action? Staying with the scalloping theme, but adding chunky lines of lace, these panties make for the best of both worlds, you get your saucy revealing panties, and you also get the soft feminine effect of lace. These come in black and pink, black with pink mini dots, and in a cute cherry fishnet pattern.

If you're feeling a little dramatic, how about a huge bow on your butt? Trust Victoria's Secret to take one of the most hideous fashion trends of the past five years and actually make it work in the bedroom.

And last, but certainly not least, for those of you who want to be very naughty indeed, this peek a boo set should do you nicely. Sheer material pretends at coverage whilst actually showing everything you've got, and those panties, why, there seems to be a split in the crotch there. How very naughty indeed!

The excellent thing about all these items is that most of them are in the $16 range, which is fairly reasonable for lingerie of this standard. For some reason the bow panties are $26, probably because when unfolded, the material from that bow could be used to camp under, or perhaps as a sail for a small craft. Practical and sexy, that's the Victoria's Secret way.


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