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Pretty Fingernails and Toenails

Updated on January 11, 2010

The chatter of fingernails and toenails

The face is, obviously, the first part of the body we see. What's the second most noticeable thing about a person? For many, it's the person's hands. If it's sandal-weather, our eyes travel, automatically, from the hands to the feet.

Can the way your hands, fingernails and toenails look be a deterring factor in the equation of 'first impressions'? Most definitely! Pretty fingernails and toenails are good indications of a person's overall health and cleanliness! And, because nails are out there and up front, most people notice them.

If a person's fingernails have been chewed on, unmercifully, or if dirt is embedded beneath the nails, do you really want these fingers to interlace with yours? Do you get excited just thinking of those mauled and uncared for fingers sliding over your body in sexual frenzies? Doubt it!

Getting a glimpse of someone's toes can give you a good insight about their hygiene and importance of personal appearance. Of course, things like long, crooked, or uneven toes are flaws of nature, but how the toes are cared for is a personal choice.

Fingernails and toenails can be yellow or even green! And, this is without polish! Fungus can grow underneath nails and eat away the nails. Besides the greenish or yellowish color, the nails can become soft, almost mushy. And, boys and girls, fungus is transferable! Oh, yes, indeedy, playing footsie with someone who has nail fungus will get you a healthy dose of the nasty stuff for your very own!

Healthy nails are pretty and sexy. Well shaped, trimmed, filed, and shiny fingernails and toenails will get you that second look! Pretty nails don't just happen, as with most things, it takes work to maintain them.

Fingernails and toenails are living tissue, and need nourishment, just as the rest of the body. Use top products to keep your nails looking their best. Top products does not, necessarily, mean the most expensive designer-labeled products you can find. It refers to things like base coats, to protect the nails from the chemicals in polish, and top coats to protect the polish applied.

Pamper your nails with manicures and massages. Massaging not only feels great, it gets the blood flowing in and around the nail beds, and adequate blood flow nourishes the nails and skin tissue.

Foot soaks, scrubs and callous removing agents are wonderful ways to maintain your toenails. Cuticle creams feed and help to keep the skin surrounding the nails healthy and crack-free.

Never cut or shorten nails with clippers! Nail clippers can break, split and create jagged nail edges. Filing nails is a much better way to avoid splits, cracks, sharp edges. Filing also prevents the nail from being damaged.

Stacking rings on your fingers or toes will not improve the look or beauty of neglected nails! In fact, ugly and uncared for nails will actually detract from the jewelry. When someone looks at a ring, bracelet, or ankle chain the nails are part of the whole picture. If jewelry is displayed on a cracked, dirty, and just plain ugly pallet, the whole picture is ruined!

A bit of nail care takes only minutes, and should be a routine part of everyday body hygiene. Pretty fingernails and toenails are inviting. Kissing fingertips or pretty toes is a delightful, sensuous experience to the giver and recipient!


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    • profile image

      Phil M 

      6 years ago

      I would NEVER date a woman or girl with ugly hands or feet. Rarely does a woman who has beautiful toes and nails have an attractive face, but the reverse is easily found!

    • profile image

      ftse spread betting 

      8 years ago

      It is a good sign of how they look after themeselves.


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