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Pretty Party Dresses For Men

Updated on June 19, 2013

Grayson Perry, A Man Who Knows The Value Of A Party Dress

The male party dress market has largely been overlooked by the fashion industry who assume that all males are genetically predisposed to attending parties looking like penguins. But what better event than a party to to wear a party dress? Parties are about fun, enjoyment and relaxation. Ideally, they are also about quirky tales people will remember for a life time.

But parties are also important, indeed, for some people who lack other measures of success, they are considered the only proof positive that they are 'having a life'. So next time you go to a party, whether you're a willing attendee, or if you would rather be feeding your fingers into a shredder, don a pretty party dress and show everyone what an interesting life you are having. (And which, by merit of attending the same party as you, they are having.)

This article is devoted to true party dresses, party dresses that exude fun, not party dresses that are really just subtle ways for people to look alluring. Almost all recent fashion has been about looking alluring and I for one, am bored of it. Yeah, we get it, we're all incredibly good looking, now can we relax and enjoy ourselves, please?

The best party dresses are dresses with a bit of flounce and frill. Stay away from serious sheath type dresses, unless, of course, you wish to earn a reputation as a fellow of lose morals. Nobody trusts a person in a tight dress. Nobody. People may admire them, people may desire them, people may even allow them to follow them home, but a person in a tight dress is a person lacking a proper sense of propriety. What's the point of wearing clothes if we can accurately determine what you look like without them on? Scandalous!

Party dresses should be bright and colorful. Pastels are acceptable, but morose colors are not. Stay away from black, maroon and deep blue. Instead, bounce about the place in pink, yellow, baby blue, shocking green, or any number of the myriad of colors available to man.

Your party dress can be long, or short, but it should never be more than a few inches away from your knees at any given moment. Shorter dresses than this are improper at the best of times. A long party dress may be more appropriate for evening soirees, whereas a knee length party dress more appropriate for sunny outdoor parties held in the middle of the day.

Your party dress should reflect your inner style, your inner joy and if it challenges a few preconceived notions of male attire, then that's just a pretty party bonus.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Works for me...I'm a size 14L...{;o)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      The absolute best time to buy a gorgeous dress is right after the highschool prom season. All those long multi-layered silky dresses go on sale, and the "off sizes" are plentiful. Just shopping for them is a thrill!

      Better know your size, though - there's no returns on prom dresses (they don't want them "borrowed" just for the one night) and you probably don't have the nerve to ask to use the change rooms [grin].

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Gorgeous dresses!!!!

    • profile image

      pantied bill 

      8 years ago

      I would love to try dresses but I need to keep the "secret a little longer. Thanks for the article, keep them coming.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I want a party dress! Now get us some pictures of guys party dresses that aren't of Grayson Perry. Really. I'd love to know what the mustachioed or full-bearded man's party dress would look like - i.e. a party dress for a fellow who is not trying to femulate.

      I do OK with a skirt and shirt combo, but I'd love to find the equivalent of an LBD or Ball Gown for Me.

      Thanks! Loved the article - keep 'em coming!


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