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Pretty Pink Bras For Men

Updated on October 13, 2009

Are you a man who looks pretty in pink? As a color Pink represents fun, romance, happiness, tranquility, and a carefree attitude. Though pink is now regarded as a color for girls and women, it was at one time regarded as a masculine color, so why not reclaim the color pink for your lingerie drawer? For some inspiration, check out these pink brassieres which range from the simple to the ornate.

To kick things off at the simple end of the spectrum we have two bras from Victoria's Secret. The first is a lace trim t shirt bra. T shirt bras are excellent for men who like to wear lingerie because they can be worn under clothing without leaving the tell tale signs of lace, wires and seams under clothing. This bra has a lace back and sides however, so you'll have to be a wee bit careful as usual not to bend over or lean forward and pull your shirt tight whilst wearing it.

This second offering from Victoria's Secret, a wireless pink bra, is an excellent choice for the fellow who likes to make the most of his natural cleavage. After all, playing dress up is so much more fun when you have the right sort of equipment. This may not be to every man who wears lingerie's taste, but for those of you who like to show a little cleavage, this could be the perfect bra.

This embroidered mesh bra from Felina is just so pretty and adorable you'll probably have a hard time taking it off. Taking the Victoria's Secret theme to the next level, this soft pastel bra is detailed with baby blue embroidery which trails across the pretty lace lined cups.

This plunging bra from Freya is beyond gorgeous, with the detailing on the upper cups reminding one perhaps of a naughty madam in a Wild West burlesque bar. The classic detail is complimented with modern styling, and the folks at Freya have obviously put some thought into creating a bra that is unique, yet classically inspired.

Bright bold colors dominate this delightful bra from Aubade. Embroidered with extravagant iris motifs, this bra is sure to make a statement, and is perfect for the times when you want to get a little outrageous with your lingerie. Pretty pastels are fine sometimes, but every now and again a man just wants a bra that isn't afraid to be seen. This is definitely the bra for those occasions.


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    • profile image

      mary mac 7 years ago

      I love pink but I find it hard to get pink undies black, beige and white seem to be the colors. I would love to get a pink slip either full or half but they went out of fashion some years back.

    • profile image

      Gillian 7 years ago

      If your 'fishing tackle' dosn't fit a ladies panty try wearing them back to front. This really does work with some of the designs that are the same on the front as the back. The stretchy type are the best with lace trim. Some pretty cotton types are ideal for this too. If you take the little bow off the front and sew it on the back(which is now the new front)you have all the room you need. I do this and it works every time. Dont forget, you must sew the little bow onto the 'back' which becomes the new front. You do need to buy the right kind though.....experiment.

    • profile image

      me-man 8 years ago

      I have worn womens bras and panties for years. Love the pink matching sets. I have about 20 pairs. Some in lace, some in silk. What a great feling next to your skin.

    • profile image

      Jere 8 years ago

      I love wearing them. The only problem for me is my size.

      My band measures 55". I purchased some absolutely

      gorgeous bras and are awaiting their arrival. Once here. I'll measure for breast forms to fill my cup. I will also be using hook expanders to be on the comfortable side.

      It took me a very long time at my computer before I luckily just happened across the site.

      Bras in my band size are for the most part, UGLY, SLOPPY and any other adjective that you can attach to them. Also

      entirely to many hooks to bother with.

      If I were a bit younger, I'd start my own business and

      without a shadow of a doubt, it would become an overnight success.

      I'm sure that their are hoards of men just like me looking for large band size bras.

      My motto? Men, don't give up hope. Keep on looking and you'll be rewarded with bras that are absolutely stunning like the ones that I purchased without the

      outrageous price like the ones from Victoria Secret. Even if I was fortunate enough to be able to fit into one of the bras that they have to offer, I know very well that I would be able with a bit of work to get ones that are much sexier and nicer then theirs not to mention that their cost will be

      less than half of VS's.

      Good luck guys.

      Drop me a line and let me know how you feel about this OK?

      Reply to: SWIFTE546@AOL.COM

      GOOD FITTING!!!!!!!

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 8 years ago

      theman, invest in a lock box, you'll have somewhere to hide the lingerie if you feel the need and you'll waste less money buying more all the time

    • profile image

      theman 8 years ago

      I've tried wearing lingerie and bras on and off, but, whenever I start to get the courage up, sometimes always happens and I quickly discard the idea, throwing out the bras, panties, and other lingerie. But, I absolutely adore these bras and, sometime soon, in the near future, I'm going to Victoria's Secret and I will be fitted for a bra. T-shirt bras are nice, but, I think I'll want something a little more daring to wear under a T-shirt. But, Pink, both the color and the VS line, are amazing. That's where I'll be in VS.

    • profile image

      bob 8 years ago

      hi i'm in my late 30's been with my wife 17 years have 2 children , now for my true story when i was 13 years old i started to develope breasts i didnt think nothing of it at first untile they kept getting larger. i couldnt say anything to my parents because you know it was a kid thing, so i went to my sister because i had no brothers, she was concerned and realy listend she talked to a docter and he said surgery was very expensive my mom & dad didnt have insurance. so one day she sate down with me and finaly got me to try on one of here bras i took it off right away not leting here know that it fite great.the next day i snuck one from here drawer and wore it for a day, then 2,3&4 untile she caught me, she then helped me buy my own and got me to wear it all the time. i now wear a 40c all of the time in public & privat and yes i do fill the cups full with my own breasts and yes they are real too.

    • profile image

      michelle 8 years ago

      I have been wearing women's clothes since I was 14. My favorite thing to do is dress up in pink panties and bras, and go to stores and try on all kinds of womens clothes. It is a rush!!

    • profile image

      Wally 8 years ago

      Love to wear a bra but find it difficult to get my size 42aa and then when i do i have little choice.But i can get 42a with a better choice so i will have to do with that .Still better than no bra at all.

    • profile image

      bigman1977 9 years ago

      i lke to wear pink lacy panties and bras have about 200 pairs of thongs and about 60 bras i like to wear them for men and women

    • profile image

      36 D 9 years ago

      I wear bras with silicone breast forms every day.

    • profile image

      Terry 9 years ago

      I love my Playtex Cross My Heart soft cup bra. I wear all the time at home and trying to wear out since I do need the support. I wear a 36B bra and I fill the cups out, all my myself. Love the tight feeling, support, just love the bras. Wish more men would wear and make a lifestyle.

    • profile image

      mike 9 years ago

      help while i love the panties &the few bras i have . i have several of the glamorise a\b stretch bras i find i am limited to 1 style in 3 colors i want to aquire more styles.i want a womans bra 44a cup

    • profile image

      ray1960 9 years ago

      I also love the color pink, I have 2 bras in pink and i love them. I have been wearing bras and panties now for years and would never think of wearing anything else

    • profile image

      threesweds 9 years ago

      I just started wearing bras, and now have about 8 different styles and colors. I find the most comforable bra is the racerback with a front closure, and this is my favorite and it is pink!! Some of the padded bras just don't fit quite right. I also got breast forms to fill out the bra and make it look more natural. What a rush wearing a bra with matching panties.

    • profile image

      ILoveLingerie 9 years ago

      i want the first and last one. They look awesome and would fit me well, I'm sure^^

    • profile image

      julie-ann 9 years ago

      Have dozens of bras , all colours , just love them

    • profile image

      Alan 9 years ago

      I love Pink! I have 2 pink bras and several pink panties. I think the pink panties contrast so nicely with black thigh-high nylons.

    • profile image

      beccainheels 9 years ago

      When the bra is more of the lacey and frilly type, it is more exciting to wear. The plain looking bras like the T shirt style are just too ordinary. It is even more xciting to put a nice sexy bra on compared to a plain one. I wold want my wife to wear sexy looking bras, so why wouldn't I want to wear one of the same. Wearing a bra all day long under a shirt is comfortable too. Plus it's exciting when you can say to yourself when standing next to a woman, "I know what it feels like"

    • Eileen Hughes profile image

      Eileen Hughes 9 years ago from Northam Western Australia

      Oh how wrong could I be. I thought this was one of those funny things for men to wear. Sorry nearly didnt look. These do look great. My husband would love to see me wearing these. He hate the coverall up ones. He likes this type.