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Pretty Polka Dot Lingerie

Updated on October 28, 2009

Polka dots, the remnants of a bygone era have an undeniable charm that becomes even more charming when it is displayed upon lingerie. Polka dot lingerie is sweet, fun, playful lingerie that flatters any body type and provides an admirable alternative to beige. We must always be vigilant in searching for alternatives to beige.

Many men love polka dot lingerie because it reminds them of a simpler, more innocent time. A time when you knew who your enemies were because they drank a lot of vodka and wore red. They stayed in their country and you stayed in yours, occasionally you would send planes to circle around one another, but everyone would retreat peaceably after a while to plan the next sortie. Nowadays with people just blowing themselves up willy nilly (seriously, worst idea ever,) lingerie is all bright fluorescent colors covered in lace from top to toe. It's hard to deal with that sort of change.

Maidenform puts out a lovely polka dot bra and panty set, as not pictured here, as do most other major lingerie manufacturers, because even after all this time, polka dots are still a winning pattern for lingerie wearers of all genders and ages.

The bra under it is called 'Hannah', and whilst it was once available from American Outfitters, it is no longer in stock and they have a sucky site that disables your browsers back button, so screw those guys, no link for them.

The delightful pink polka dot bra exists. That's actually all I know about it, thanks to sites that change their layout and product lines more often than a man who loves lingerie changes his lingerie (and in case you were wondering, that's a lot.) Still, simply the knowledge that this bra exists should provide inspirations for seekers of pink polka dot lingerie. It is out there. Now all you have to do it find it. It could be like a quest.

The last bra, I'm afraid to say, is simply a concept bra created by a man who I can only describe as being a lingerie artist. It's a fairly apt description as he has painted / drawn quite a few pieces of lingerie. He is so very good at painting pictures of lingerie that his pictures of lingerie are actually worth more than any real lingerie ever could be. Seriously, the piece pictured is currently on sale for 900 pounds. That's about 1800 US dollars, for those of you playing at home. Think I'm kidding? See for yourselves.


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    • bittybrasize profile image

      bittybrasize 8 years ago

      I think that bra painting is brilliant. I can almost understand why someone would pay so much for it, though if I had that kind of money I'd get him to actually make the bra so I could wear it!

    • Komara profile image

      Komara 8 years ago

      Hot lingerie.

      Funny article.