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Are you feeling sensual and on the prowl? Then try AVIANCE NIGHT MUSK Perfume by Prince Matchabelli

Updated on February 20, 2010

Aviance Night Musk Perfume by Prince Matchabelli

AVIANCE NIGHT MUSK - Sensual and Feminine

This perfume was first launched by the design house of prince matchabelli in 1983, aviance night musk is classified as a refined, flowery fragrance. I love this perfume because it brings out the aristocratic sensual snob in me. Moreover, this feminine scent possesses a blend of jasmine, rose, cinnamon, warm sweet spices, lavender and citrus. I highly recommended this fragrance for anytime your feeling sensual and are on the prowl. Your Man will love this sent and so will you!

Sexy Prince Matchabelli Aviance Night Musk Ad

Buy Aviance Night Musk Perfume by Prince Matchabelli

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