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Buying a Princess Costume

Updated on September 25, 2013

Every girl dreams of being a princess. Little girls can play princess for hours on end. They find whatever dress or sheet or even bathroom towel they can and wrap it around their shoulders, find something to use as a wand or scepter, and they will be happy for the whole day. They will play in their pretend castles, meet their pretend princes, hold court with both their pretend friends and their real ones, in a room filled with princess decals. Playing princess just might be a little girl’s favorite game.

And even as adults, women want to be a princess, if only for one day or one magical evening. A princess costume, for the youngest little girls or the grown up woman, is one of the most popular types of costumes worn. Many stores sell princess costumes, and any costume rental spot worth its salt will have a variety of options in the princess costume. There’s just nothing like being a princess!

A princess costume, for the youngest little girls or the grown up woman, is one of the most popular types of costumes worn
A princess costume, for the youngest little girls or the grown up woman, is one of the most popular types of costumes worn

Buying a Princess Costume

Maybe your little girl is going to a princess themed birthday party. Or maybe you yourself are heading out to an adult costume party. In either case, you will be in the market for a princess costume. If you buy a princess costume, it will be there for you and your little one, a long time to come. Your girl may want to be a princess every day!

One of the best spots for buying a princess costume is over at This online costume store has more princess costumes and princess accessories than you may have thought possible. In fact, this website has sixteen full pages dedicated exclusively to the princess costume. These come in a vast array of styles, for the little girl, the grown woman, and even for infants. There are Indian princesses, the princess from Shrek, even a vampire princess, for the little girl with a bit of a bite. Get your own fairy princess costume and be the beauty of the costume ball.

For a special price on a special princess costume, one of your best stops might be This costume retailer offers a full line of princess costumes, all at discounted prices. Thus, if your little girl wants to dawn the Little Mermaid princess costume, she can do so for less than half the price. Other Disney princess costumes include Cinderella and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. The website features large pictures of princess costumes modeled by small girls and will be a favorite place for your own girl to visit and dream.

Princess Costume Rental

If you are only up for being a princess for a day, another option is to rent a princess costume. This way, once the magic is over, you can take it back to the costume shop and not have your princess costume taking up valuable closet space.

For online costume rentals, check out Costumes Galore. This costume rental service will ship their costumes to anywhere in the United States. Costumes Galore will ship your princess costume to you several days in advance of your party or event and then all you need do is return the first business day after the event. Their fairy princess costumes are adorable!

Making a Princess Costume

This last option is excellent for someone with a bit of experience with a needle and thread. And even if you aren’t an expert sewer, princess costume patterns will make sewing your own costume a lot of fun. The Simplicity pattern company has been making sewing patterns for many years. Your little girl will love helping you make the Simplicity princess costume. Burda is another maker of princess costume patterns that is very popular among home sewers.

What it comes down to is letting your imagination soar! Every girl wants to be a princess. Whether you buy, make, or rent, a princess costume will make you feel oh so royal.


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