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Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings - The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

Updated on January 6, 2011

What Are Princess Cut Engagement Rings

When one thinks of princess cut engagement rings they envision a young prince asking for a princess's hand in marriage.

With an exquisite cut that shows off the sheer beauty and luster of the diamond, it's no wonder we see it as a token of royalty, far beyond the means of the common man. And while many have invented fanciful stories that tell the history of princess cut engagement rings, the real truth is far less sparkling in nature.

For you see, it all started with a London cutter by the name of Arpad Nagy, looking for a new way to mount a diamond that would show off its luster. His simple idea created a cut unlike any other, worthy of the hands of any princess - and thus, it's name. For it's the beauty of the cut that creates the mythology surrounding it, and one can easily grow to understand it all by gazing into the fire of a princess cut diamond.

What Makes A Diamond Shimmer And Sparkle?

What makes the diamond so treasured by many?

Acting like a prism, a cut diamond allows light in and then refracts it as it passes through, causing the many dazzling colors we see inside. By cutting facets into the diamond, the gem cutter manipulates the light to create a dazzling display that mesmerizes those who look upon it's surface.

With a round cut, the stone sets deep into the ring, providing a lot of material for refraction, which means less facets need to be cut to make it sparkle; whereas, for the princess cut, many facets are needed to make the diamond shimmer. This is part of the reason the princess cut engagement ring took so long to be created, due to the precision needed to make such cuts.

And does it shimmer as much as a round cut? Some would go so far to say that it shines even better. Another benefit is the cost ... as a princess cut diamond can make use of up to 80% of a rough cut stone; whereas, a round cut might only manage to salvage 40% of the stone. This can mean up to a 50% discount on the same-sized stone!

How Much Do Princess Cut Engagement Rings Cost?

You can find them for as little as $130 for a real diamond, and the price goes up from there. This means a princess cut engagement ring is within the financial reach of everyone, and one can invest as much as they feel necessary for such a ring. After all, while it's the thought that counts, women want us to think very highly of them!

So, if you want to impress that special loved one, or you're the loved one needing to be impressed, then a princess cut engagement ring is the way to go!

How Long Should An Engagement Last?

Typically, the engagement period should be enough time for a couple to plan their wedding and to work out any rough edges in the relationship prior to marriage. Remember, what you take into marriage will remain with you throughout, so it is best to iron out any differences before the big day. I typically recommend no more than a year and no less than four months.

Another thing to note is that an engagement is a step towards marriage, but it's not marriage itself. As such, one doesn't give an engagement ring and end the chase after their bride. In fact, many women prefer the pursuit continue on after marriage.

As an old wiseman once said ... "The secret to a perfect marriage is to wake up every morning and pretend you have met for the first time."

And in those words you will find great wisdom, just as she will be reminded of your promise each day she looks into her engagement ring. For the engagement ring is a promise to marry, as well as a hope that the relationship will continue to endure.

It will be a day you will both remember for a very, long time ...

Give Her The Gift Of A Lifetime

Remember, a diamond is forever, as so should be your love. As such, you want to make your engagement ring one she will never forget.

There's a princess cut engagement ring for all budgets out there, and for those who can't afford a real diamond, know that you can purchase a Cubic Zirconia (a man-made diamond) for far less.So if you have been considering buying your one true love an engagement ring, then now is the time to do it!

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