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Proactive: Should really you buy it?

Updated on March 20, 2012

Proactive review

Do you ever see the commercials on TV where you see beautiful people that used to have bad acne? This product is called proactive. When I was a teenager I always had breakouts and bad acne. I tried many products but they didn't do anything but make my skin dry. Then I decided to take on an experiment using proactive for a month and I’m going to share my journey with you.

My Journey to Buying Proactive

Since I kept seeing the product on TV say how much they worked I decided to try it. I was a little bit scared to buy it because it was a very expensive product and I didn't want to waste my money buying a product that wouldn't work. buying proactive had cost me almost 100 dollars but I still brought it any.

Even before I ordered it I sent people emails asking them proactive really worked for them and were they lying on the commercials. If I could get a hold of the celebrities I would have asked them questions to. After I found out Katy Perry’s email I emailed her asking her about proactive. Katy Perry was one of the celebrities endorsing proactive. In the email I asked her did proactive really work for her and did she lie about it. In a week or so she replied and said that proactive was a really good product and that I should try it for myself.

This gave me confidence and I ended up ordering it anyway even though it was so expensive. The product would probably make more money of they lowered their prices. If they lowered their process more people would probably buy and try it.

My Experience With Proactive

After I bought proactive, I started using it. The first day I used it, it made my skin really dry but I stuck with. so for the people that have really dry skin be cautious about using proactive because it does make your skin really dry for the first time unless you get used to it. The next morning I noticed that some of my dark spots were gone and I was happy because it did something the first day.

Guys if you didn’t know this, acne can cause you to have dark spots on your face and acne scars. after I noticed that many dark spots were gone I noticed that this acne scar that I had for a long time was also gone and in my head though that proactive is going to be the product that helps me on my quest for better skin. For my second day my face still looked the same. This isn’t a bad thing because the key is to be patient and wait for results. For the third day I saw many improvements. A few bumps and pimples were gone and this was a really good thing. The same day I got an email from one of the people in the proactive commercial and they told me that I was invited to a proactive seminar. I was so happy and scared at the same time.

I was scared because I didn’t know if my skin was good enough to go to a proactive seminar when everyone there has perfect skin. Remember it was only my second day using proactive so my face wasn’t completely clear. Once I got to the seminar I saw the founders of proactive and many of the people in the commercials. All of them had beautiful skin and I was so jealous because I was the only one with imperfect skin.

At this seminar I took pictures with many people and went home. After going to that seminar I was inspired to keep on using proactive. The third day was a real success because my face cleared up a lot which was a really good thing. Overall week 1 was a great week for me and my face got much clearer.

Week 2- this week nothing really happened except a few blemishes went away and this was good. Proactive was a fast product and it worked quickly going deep into the pours cleaning all the dirt out. Proactive also sent me something to wipe out the entire excess oil witch I hated a lot. Basically you wipe it on your face and all the oil goes away with it. The oil pads worked well for me in week 2 also.

Week 3- this week was my most amazing week yet and I so ecstatic to see great results. In week 3 both sides of my face was clear. Proactive was the most amazing product ever and I loved it. Since both sides of my face were clear and now had to work on my forehead and my chin which was problem places that the acne would come a lot.

Week 4- this was my last week and I was dedicated to using the proactive products to clear up my forehead and chin. For the people who have body acne proactive also has products for this to but since I don’t have body acne I can’t tell you about my experience with that. For the first 3 days of week 3 I was much improvement. A lot of the blemishes, acne, scars, and dark spots cleared up. For the last 4 days everything was basically gone. I DID IT!!!!!!!!!! I got my skin cleared in a whole month.


In conclusion proactive is a really good product and by far the best I had ever used. I tried dozens of products and proactive was the only one I saw results from. So if you have the money and you want your skin clear go online and order proactive.


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