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Product Review: Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals Well Rested Under Eye Concealer - Is AWESOME

Updated on January 20, 2010

Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals Well Rested under eye concealer is one of the beauty products I use every day. This amazing concealer does everything it promises. Even when I was young I suffered dark circles under my eyes and tried all types of liquid and paste concealers. When I stated using the bare minerals line of makeup, I clung to my liquid under eye concealer. I couldn’t imagine it would be a good idea to put a powder under my eyes. I thought it would cake and dry like other types of powder I’d used. I was wrong. Even if I’m not wearing anything else, Well Rested is now my bare essential!

This is one of many Bare Minerals Reviews to come. Watch this space for more minerals makeup reviews coming soon.

Mineral Makeup is NOT Powder Makeup

However, Bare Escentials mineral foundation makeup is NOT powder foundation. Regular finishing powder includes talc and other additives. Mineral makeup, including id Bare Minerals Well Rested concealer, is made of sheer minerals. I don’t know how it works, but you put it on dry, but it melds with your skin and somehow does not dry. More importantly, it provides excellent lightening.

Applying Well Rested Under Eye Concealer

As with most mineral makeup, id Mineral Makeup Well Rested under eye concealer is applied with a brush. The concealer brush is a fluffly medium sized brush that deposits a thin layer of the mineral concealer where you need it. The makeup comes in a small tub with a perforated insert that allows you to shake a small amount of makeup into the cap. Then you dip the brush in, tap off the excess, and apply under eyes and in the dark spot where the inner eye meets the nose. I actually apply the concealer around the top and outer edges of my lid as well. Anywhere around the eye you want lightened, Well Rested does the trick.

Under Eye Concealer vs. Regular Concealer

Well Rested is specifically formulated to reflect light. It’s different than concealer you use to mask a blemish or camouflage other dark areas on your face. For that, you’ll want to use the appropriate shade of Bisque.

Cost of Bare Minerals Makeup vs. Regular Makeup

Before I started using Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals makeup, the biggest obstacle for me to even try it was the cost. One day when I was feeling flush I went ahead and ordered the starter kit. That basic set of makeup lasted me eight months.  It cost about half of what I would have spent on makeup from the drugstore during the same amount of time. Sure, Bare Minerals cost more per purchase, but the makeup lasts so long.

It’s difficult to understand until you actually use minerals makeup. The containers are so small, but a little goes a VERY long way. In fact, most people I know who try mineral makeup and don’t like it are using too much of it. If you use the right amount—and it’s easy to figure out by playing around with it—it lasts a very long time. Mineral foundation and mineral concealers will last for months and blush and bare mineral eye shadow will last for years. (Bare Minerals Warmth may last a lifetime!)

If you haven’t tried mineral makeup, it’s worth it! And specifically, Well Rested does everything it promises and more. 


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  • lesmith2009 profile image


    6 years ago

    I love this product! Great hub!

  • whaturmissing profile image


    7 years ago from Canada

    Sounds like it's worth a try.

  • mpurcell10 profile image


    8 years ago from Arkansas

    I was wondering if these really worked as good as they claimed thank you for the information.

  • Pamela99 profile image

    Pamela Oglesby 

    8 years ago from Sunny Florida

    Good hub. I am always trying to find good makeup that is reasonably priced and I have changed to mineral makeup but I didn't know about this eye concealer. It sounds good.


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