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Product Review: Buying Floracologie Orange Flower Bath Soak

Updated on November 6, 2015

Is there anything better after a hard day at work, than a long, luxurious soak in the bath?  Yes, easily: a long, luxurious soak that contains some delicious, sweetly-scented bath soak from Floracologie!  This particular bath soak is currently my favourite bath product, ever since I received it as a Christmas gift from my sister, and for very good reason.  It is scented with orange flower, mandarin and rose essential oils – but it’s the citrus notes that really command attention when you pour a few dollops under a fast-running hot tap.

The scent is strong, attention-grabbing and absolutely beautiful.  If you love citrus scents, you’ll adore Floracologie Orange Flower bath soak!  I find it really wonderfully relaxing and invigorating at the same time.  After a long soak with some in, I’m ready for anything!  At 300 millilitres for a relatively inexpensive price, it’s something of a bargain too.

Another terrific aspect to this delicious product is the fact that it also contains a number of Bach flower remedies, namely gentian, olive, clematis, hornbeam and wild rose, as well as aloe vera, famed for its skin protective qualities.  Many people swear by these remedies for the alleviation of a great number of common psychological ailments – and this bath soak gives you the opportunity to sample a number of them.

Let’s not forget that orange blossom is traditionally the flower of marriage and weddings.  So if you have upcoming nuptials, then this is just the scented bathtime product for you to add to the delicious scents of your big day!  (Maybe along with a huge bouquet incorporating orange blossom in it.)

If you’re looking to purchase some Floracologie Orange Flower Bath Soak, then it’s readily available at many chemists and department stores, as well as online at many sites.  Don’t delay – go buy a bottle today!


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