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Best Skin Care Products for Sensitive Skin Product Review: Zia Natural Skincare Products

Updated on February 18, 2013

Best Skin Care Products for Sensitive Skin

Internal stress as well as environmental pollution and toxins can certainly wreak havoc with our skin, especially when you have sensitive skin. Therefore, it is important to use gentle, good quality, natural products such as Zia Natural Skincare products to help keep your skin looking its best.

Zia Natural Skincare products use safe, all natural ingredients such as Sea Algae and Aloe, as well as essential oils and botanicals that deliver the antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients that our skin needs to look and feel healthy. Just as important as what goes into Zia Natural Skincare products, is what is left out. Zia Natural Skin Care products do not include any synthetic fragrances or artificial colors which can irritate the skin, especially if you have any skin conditions such as Rosacea.

Although Zia Natural Skincare has many great products, I am going to review three from their Skin Basics line that I have found to be the best for my sensitive skin. I have also found that these products helped reduce the redness and inflammation caused by Rosacea, practically eliminating the symptoms all together. It took several years of trying many different products before I found the Zia Natural Skincare line, and I have been using them on a daily basis for over ten years now. My skin looks better now at the age of 50, than it did when I was 30!

Fresh Cleansing Gel with Sea Algae

The Fresh Cleansing Gel is a very smooth, creamy cleanser for normal skin. I have an oily T-Zone, and even though this product is for normal skin, it leaves my face feeling clean and refreshed, without feeling over dried. The Sea Algae is great for sensitive skin because it gently removes environmental impurities, makeup and excess oil effectively. I find that using this cleanser twice a day, morning and night, helps to keep my skin looking refreshed and healthy, without any irritation or redness.

Sea Tonic Aloe Toner with Cypress

The Sea Tonic Aloe Toner is a light alcohol free mist that leaves your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. With its Seaweed Extracts and Aloe Vera, it helps to hydrate and soothe, as well as protect the skin against environmental stress. Although this product is a mist, I like to saturate a cotton ball with the toner, which I then use to gently wipe my face after washing with the Fresh Cleansing Gel for an extra clean, refreshed, radiant look and feel.

Daily Moisture Screen SPF 15 with Vitamin E

The Daily Moisture Screen with SPF 15 moisturizes while it helps protect your skin against damaging UV rays. It is a very lightweight, non-greasy moisturizer that is great to wear alone or under a makeup foundation. It contains Aloe and Rice Bran which are soothing botanicals that help keep your skin soft and nourished. The Vitamin E helps to protect your skin from environmental stress and the SPF 15 is a moderate sun protection that is excellent for everyday use. I love how smooth this moisturizer makes my skin feel. It also helps my makeup foundation go on smooth and even.

These products are also reasonably priced, so you can have great looking skin on a moderate budget. These products can be found on the Zia Natural website,, on-line at, and in some Health Food Stores.

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