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Amarte Overnight Express Therapy: Terrific gift for the holidays

Updated on October 28, 2015

K-Beauty: hottest trend in skincare

Amarte is a Korean skincare company, which means it's part of the major movement started in that country of using extra steps, going that extra mile, when it comes to your face. It's the opposite line of thought of an "all-in-one". Whether you're using an extra cleansing procedure or layered method of moisturizing, that's what's called for with the current Korean traditions in beauty. Amarte's concept began as a development in a Korean dermatologist's office and grew into a luxury brand.

How the product works

Are you looking to give an on-trend, covet-worthy skincare gift for the holidays? Your beautiful and chic gift recipients will appreciate getting something cutting edge and hot. After all, they'll have parties to attend, selfies to take and they'll want to take care of themselves during the new year, what with resolutions.

Two of the biggest trends in caring for your complexion are beauty products from Korea and also, overnight masks. Amarte Overnight Express Therapy fits the bill on all fronts! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

Amarte Overnight Express Therapy is a rich cream consistency product squeezed from a tube that you simply smooth on over your night creams and serums or by itself. It doesn't strictly dry, per se, but rather, lightly sets. It shouldn't mess up your linens and it's nearly invisible. It doesn't have a discernible odor.

The mask feels comforting on your face and if your bedroom has central heating or air conditioning, the moisture won't evaporate from your skin while you sleep. A silk matrix acts as a sponge, delivering peptides and retinol overnight while simultaneously soaking up toxins and oil.You wake up in the morning fresh, dewy and smooth! Even the most harried morning person can fit it into their routine.The box it's packaged in is a deep, festive gold stock paper: you could stick a card and a bow on it for a lovely holiday gift.

For travelers, it's perfectly sized for 3-1-1 carry-on (TSA) travel bags.

Sleeping masks: What are they?

What is an overnight or "sleeping" mask? It's not anything like the spooky green clay masks used as a trope on television sitcoms. Rather, it's a cream that you use as a last step before going to sleep: it doesn't get washed off until morning. It's a great type of mask to use for extra hydration, to seal in beneficial ingredients under a heavier dome or if you're too sleepy to wait for a clay mask to dry and rinse off. Sleeping masks are not made of traditional clay, if you happen to be allergic and/or sensitive to that ingredient.

5 stars for Amarte Overnight Express Therapy


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