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Prom Shoes. How To Buy Great Prom Dress Shoes

Updated on April 13, 2008

Prom Shoes Are Your Most Important Accessory For Your Prom Dress

Proms can be one of the greatest highlights for highschoolers. But buying the prom dress and prom shoes can either be the most fun or greatest headache. Matching the prom dress and prom shoes will take some research as well. Do not underestimate the effect that your prom shoes can have on your dress as your prom shoes is probably the greatest accessory you can have for the important night.

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Prom Shoe

Some tips you might want to consider when choosing that perfect prom shoe.

When To Buy Your Porm Shoe?

The best time to buy your shoe is in the late afternoon. This is cos our feet will swell due to the noon heat and it will be better if you wait til your feet cools down in the later part of the afternoon. This will help to make sure you do not look like you are wearing flip flops cos your prom shoes are too large.

Comfort versus Dazzle

Of course you want lots of dazzle in your prom shoes. Do not let anyone tell you that you should sacrifice stylish designs for comfort. You are not going to be wearing timberlands for your prom. A little bit of discomfort never kills anyone. Seriously though, do not choose something that you know you will not be able to stand a couple of hours on. But if that perfect prom shoe is a nudge bit uncomfortable, let it be. You have your whole life ahead to rest your feet.

Open versus Closed Toes

Should you wear open toes or closed toes prom shoes? Wear that minimalist open toes prom shoes so that you can show off your perfect pedicured toe nails. Your nail polish is also part of the look. Don't forget to match your nail polish with your prom shoes though.

High Heels or Flats

High heels will look elegant for the prom. Your prom shoes should be a pair of high heels if you are able to balance on them :). Just make sure you practise walking and dancing on them before the big night, cos you would'nt want to trip when you go on stage to recieve the Prom Queen award.

Where to Buy Prom Shoes? Should you Buy your Prom Shoes Online?

You will be spoilt for choice online as well as at the local mall. You can find lots of exotic and stylish designs online as well as offline. I would recommend that you first look at the choices in your local mall before embarking on your search online. In this way, you will also be familiar with the sizes of your feet if you should choose an online purchase of your prom shoes.


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  • profile image

    Jen @ Updo Princess 9 years ago

    Best info I've seen about choosing the right footwear for Prom!

  • profile image

    danielle 9 years ago

    The thing about prom shoes is that they can give your dress instant sex apeal with the right look.