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Cute Puppy Tattoos

Updated on August 1, 2015

If you an animal lover or just love dogs, than you may want to consider a puppy tattoo. There is something about a puppy and the way their little faces represent an innocence. Of course, there are many different types and breeds of dogs to choose from. It's also fun to catch a puppies playful nature in your tattoo. Getting them playing with a ball or other toy, or getting them all happy, excited and jumping around is a unique tattoo as well.

Just remember a tattoo is forever, so before getting one make sure it's something 10-15 years down the road are you still going to want it. Especially when it comes to jobs. There are several jobs that won't hire people with tattoos that can be seen on their body.

Cute Puppy Tattoo

Unique Puppy Tattoo

Cool Puppy Tattoo

Different Puppy Tattoo

Neat Puppy Tattoo


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