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Updated on April 3, 2017


Ever struggled looking for the perfect moisturizer/or skin toner? I have, and I'm sure a lot of people around the world hath had the same problem.

I started my research online quite some time ago and found this amazing new product online. The "Refreshing Toner" helps a lot concerning the health of your skin.

The majority of these products have a different effect/outcome on different skin tones which is really a shame. Most skin products of this nature get it right, but the best or worst results are produced due to the different skin tones people may have.

In order for us to take this into account, we must look at better, healthier, more natural products that will absolutely provide us with the best results no matter what skin tone we may have.


A toner made with organic substances is always healthier for your skin. It's no myth that non-organic products have profound effects on your body which may include adult acne and other skin conditions. Contrary to popular belief these conditions are not necessarily normal, and it may lead to other skin related problems down the line.

"Refreshing Toner" is a toner and skin moisturizer that is made purely of all-natural organic substances, and therefore I can approve of the use of this wonderful product. I strongly encourage people to come up with more of these products.

As can be seen in the image below. This is a cruelty free product, meaning it has not caused any painful situations for animals or for humans.

I for one am strongly against animal cruelty concerning beauty products. The majority of the animals these products are tested on are not lab rats of which one might assume is incapable of feeling pain. Like humans, no animal is impervious to cruelty whether in chemical form or in physical form. We should all strive to lessen the amount of harm we do to the people, environment, and nature around us.

With that said, it's not to say that all beauty products are dangerous. However, I think that it is always best to take special care when it comes to our ability, as the human race, to affect the things around us. Therefore, there is no other product I would choose rather than "Refreshing Toner," which can be ordered on Love For Humanity, Organics. The link is down below.

Having introduced you to all of these facts, I think it's time for my review. I absolutely love this product. It's ability to help moisturize your skin is absolutely amazing. And the fact that results are not affected by skin tone means that no matter the tone of your skin, it will leave you looking stunning. All in all, I give this product a 5 star rating, and I hope others will consider using this product as I have. Thank you for reading this article.

You can find the product at this link:

5 stars for Refreshing Toner


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