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RFID Blocking Wallet Reviews

Updated on January 15, 2014


You wouldn't let a stranger off the street read your credit card number, or your driver's license; but that may be exactly what is happening behind your back. Read more to discover how thieves are utilizing electronic pick pocketing to steal your data, and reviews of the best RFID wallets to keep your information secure, wherever you are.

Did You Know?

Did you know that the majority of credit cards and debit cards issued to consumers within the past decade utilize RFID technology? Additionally, if you received a passport in 2006 or later, this contains an RFID tracking chip.

What is RFID?

Many of today's modern technological conveniences include small RFID (radio frequency identification) chips embedded in the product. This can include credit cards, driver's licenses, cell phones and more. These devices were created as a convenient way to store data for ease of use. The RFID chip embedded into these cards allow you to simply wave your card in front of a scanner without taking it out of your wallet. However, these chips can be accessed remotely to gain sensitive data without your knowledge.

As this technology has become more and more common, thieves have adapted by building counterfeit readers to pick up RFID information as easily as walking past you on the sidewalk - or standing next to you on a crowded subway.

Do You Take Measures to Protect Yourself From Data Theft?

How Do You Prevent Identity or Data Theft?

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How Can You Protect Yourself from RFID Readers?

There are many products available, such as RFID sleeves, pouches and wallets. RFID blockers utilize a mechanism known as a "faraday cage" which prevent unauthorized access to RFID embedded objects.

Cheap methods of RFID protection can include something as simple as an Altoids can, which was found to block access to an RFID badge while the badge was locked inside the tin. Once the tin was opened, the badge was scannable from a few inches away.

Wallets are a better way to ensure you are protected, and easier to keep all your cards in without having to carry around multiple altoids tins. Read my RFID blocking wallet reviews to discover the best type of RFID blocking wallet to buy.

Best RFID Wallets

Be sure that the wallet you choose is effective, there are a lot of cheap wallets claiming to block RFID but don't. The most affordable wallets I've found that actually blocks RFID are approved by US Government FIPS-201 Security Standards. These standards ensure that data on items such as passports, drivers licenses, and credit cards remains secure. However it is important to note that items such as badges you use to get in and out of work use a different frequency, and while these wallets may block them, it is not guaranteed.

The below recommended wallets utilize the FIPS-201 Security Standards:

Best RFID Wallets for Women

If you are the type who prefers a larger wallet that will fit your check book, with extra room for a passport, then you would most likely prefer the RFID Blocking Leather Wallet and Checkbook by Access denied, which includes the FIPS-201 security standards:

Amazon: 4 Star Rating
Amazon: 4 Star Rating

This leather wallet by Access denied has been drum dyed, vegetable tanned and hand rubbed to produce smooth, soft look and field. The wallet is a trifold style clutch which comes with a magnetic closure and zippered exterior.


  • 11 shielded credit card pockets
  • removable check book
  • Meets FIPS-201 Security Standards
  • Room for check book, wallet and passport

Buy This Wallet Now on Amazon

Average Rating: 4 Stars

Best RFID Wallets for Men

Like women's wallets, men's wallets should also meet governmental security standards for FIPS-20. According to my research, the only RFID blocking wallet maker meeting these standards at this time is Access Denied. Reviews of other wallets are good however, but these wallets are my recommendation

4 1/2 stars mens RFID blocking leather billfold
4 1/2 stars mens RFID blocking leather billfold

This leather RFID blocking billfold by access denied is a popular choice for men. In addition to tan, this also comes in black.


  • Flip-up ID Window
  • 6 Credit Card Pockets
  • 2 Full-Length Currency sections
  • 2 hide-a-way pockets

Buy Now on Amazon

Average Rating: 4 1/2 stars.

Final Comments

Accessories such as RFID blocking wallets will increase the security of your credit cards, drivers license and anything else stored within. It's worth the small investment to feel safe knowing you will not one day check your account and see a negative balance


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