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Radiance Beauty Opening Party

Updated on August 31, 2013

Kumiko and Yuri

Kumi and Yuri
Kumi and Yuri

Radiance Opening

Radiance Beauty is a new beauty treatment company in Tokyo that specializes in a range of beauty treatments from remedial massage to nail art. On September 23rd, the Autumn Equinox, Radiance held their opening party.

The party was held in a cool Irish pub in Jiyugaoka in Tokyo. Jiyugaoka is located in the Meguro ward. It is a fashionable place to live in Tokyo because it has many great bars, restaurants and Zakka shops. The name of the Irish pub is Clann. Unlike many Irish pubs in Tokyo (and indeed the world) Clann does not belong to a chain group of pubs. It is an Irish pub with its own unique style. And the same is true of Radiance. Radiance is not just another Beauty treatment company

Clann Irish Pub
Clann Irish Pub

More about Radiance and the opening party

Radiance is comprised of four young Japanese women. They are all highly qualified and experienced in different fields of beauty. They believe in natural products and treatments that are tailored to the individual beauty needs of the customer. It is this emphasis on natural products and excellent customer service that has already brought success to Radiance.

The opening party was well attended by both customers and friends of the company. Guests enjoyed the party. As part of the promotion for Radiance nail art was available for a nominal fee and 100 yen sea salt hand massages were available. Also Radiance displayed a range of their products at a table and spent the time to explain about the Radiance ethos and its beauty products to several interested guests.

The highlight of the event was a speech by one of the Radiance ladies, Kumiko Omura. She gave a brief speech that was well received. This was followed by Ben, her other half, who followed up with a brief speech in English thanking everyone for coming and thanking Green Island Design for making the bi-lingual Radiance website.

Nail Art

Nail Art
Nail Art

The Radiance Beauty opening party was intended to be from 3pm to 6pm but such was the fun atmosphere that several guests stayed longer at the Clann Pub.To find out more about Radiance beauty treatments visit their website at . They do treatments from their own salon and also do house calls. Their treatments include:

  • Lift-up Facials
  • Décolleté clarifying
  • Back clarifying
  • Back massage
  • Upper arms treatments
  • Lips treatment
  • Head massage
  • C02 pack
  • Eyelash perming
  • Eyebrow bleaching
  • Reflexology for hands feet and legs
  • Nail care
  • Nail removal
  • Nail art
  • Remedial massage

To contact Radiance Beauty email:


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