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Casio G-Shocks on the cheap

Updated on February 16, 2015

The G-Shock brand, in my opinion, produces brilliant watches that look fantastic in a wide variety of settings. Well aclaimed, bold, cheap and cool are all excellent attributes for any watch brand and G-Shock has these in undoubted abundance. Indeed, a whole plethora of celebrities are representatives of this brand and it is no wonder why!

However, for those more tight of budget, it may seem too expensive, for a watch that is essentially made of plastic. I believe there are three cheaper alternatives, to still obtain the look, but to dramatically reduce the cost. This can be done by cunningly buying Casio Watches, that look almost identical to respective G-Shock models.

Question: can you tell the difference?

The watch on the left is the DW6900; the watch on the right is the W-214HC-7AVEF. The left is a G-Shock and the right is not. However, from a distance, they would be indistinguishable.

The price difference is phenomenal; $60 difference; you can buy three of the Casio Illumination for less than the G-Shock!

Saving: 70%

In this second example, again there is no visible difference. I would argue that this is the pair hardest to differentiate between. I would even argue, the one that is not a G-Shock (on the left) looks even better!!!

The saving is even greater than the previous pair; at a steal for $20 compared to its counterpart on the right, which costs $200!

Saving: 90%

In this third example, there is one visible difference: the dial colour. However, I think the left watch would not appear out of place in the G Shock range. I prefer the contrast of colours, personally, in this watch!

Again there is a large price difference: the watch on the left is a mere $20 compared to its lookalike and its price tag of $120.

Saving: 85%


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