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Shaving,Razor blades vs Electric Shavers

Updated on April 12, 2012


The Shaving Experiment

Over the past six months, I have been experimenting with different Razors and shavers. After trial and error, a few dabs of tissue paper and a couple of shaving rashes. I have finally finished my experiment and decided on the shaving method that is best for me. Below you will find a list of each razor or shaver that I have used in the experiment and how I rated each one.

I used three different electric shavers and three different razor blades for one month each in my experiment.

Braun Activator

Remington Rotary


Electric Shavers

3) Braun Activator Shaver 8595 $189.95

The Braun shaver sounded good, it made all of the right cutting noises and it seemed to slide over my face, it took about three minutes before the cutting sound stopped, and the razor didn't seem to be cutting any more hair.

Good points: The shaver glided over the skin, it is a cordless shaver so you can take it anywhere after a good charge up.

Bad points: I found small patches of hair that the razor could not cut, under my nose and on my jawbone. After shaving, my skin was very dry and I developed a rash.

Rating 5/10

The price of the Braun Activator Shaver 8595, lost this Shaver 2 points, it is very expensive for a machine that does not do the job it is made for.

2) Remington-R-1000 Rotary Shaver $149.99

The Remington shaver was the quickest shave, it only took about a minute and a half before the hair cutting noise stopped, it also glided over the skin.

Good points: This was a really good shave, I couldn't find any patches of uncut hair, It is also cordless which means that you can take it with you anywhere after a good charge.

Bad points: I developed a shaving rash after using the Remington and it made my skin dry.

Rating 7/10

The Remington-R-1000 Rotary Shaver is little expensive, but it does a good job, if you have dry skin problems though I wouldn't recommend it.

1)Panasonic Men's Pro CurveTM Cordless Shaver $59.99

The Panasonic, took about the same time as the Braun for the cutting noise to stop, it felt a little rough on the skin as it shaved and the head of the shaver got quite hot on the skin.

Good points: it was a good shave, as good as the Remington. I never found any patches of uncut hair, it is also cordless.

Bad points: shaving rash and dry skin.

Rating 8/10

The Panasonic Men's Pro Curve Cordless Shaver was as good a shave as the Remington the price of this shaver gives it the extra point to put it on the number 1 position.

If you have dry skin I don't recommend using an electric shaver.

Gillette Mach 3


Shop brand


3) Gillette Mach 3

The mach 3 slid over my face it didn't feel as though it was cutting any hair, it was easy to use and, it was a quick shave, it only took about 2 minutes.

Good points: a very good shave, you don't feel it cutting the hair, I have dry skin and it wasn't irritated with this razor, I didn't get a shaving rash.

Bad points: the only bad thing I can really say about this razor is that the blades are expensive, at $10.99 for three hence the 3rd place.

Rating 7/10

I liked the Gillette Mach 3, I would use it all the time if the price was more affordable

Wilkinson Sword (Schick) Quattro Titanium Energy Razor

Like the Gillette, I didn't feel this razor cutting; it was a smooth shave and took about the same time as the Gillette.

Good points: good shave, smooth on skin, did not irritate my dry skin and no shaving rash.

Bad points: At $8.99 for four blades, it is a little less expensive than the Gillette.

Rating 8/10

The Wilkinson Sword (Schick) Quattro Titanium Energy Razor was difficult to differentiate from the Gillette shave but the blades were a little cheaper to buy.

1)ASDA (Wallmart) own brand disposable 10 pack

Surprisingly this was a good shave, although you could feel the razor cutting, I think I got the knack of this razor after the first week because I did cut myself a couple of times in the first week.

Good points: after learning how not to cut myself, this turned out to be a good shave, no dry skin irritation and no shaving rash.

Bad points: apart from getting some cuts in the first week there are no other complaints.

Rating 9/10

The own brand razor was very cheap 29p for ten that works out at about $0.60 for 10


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    • profile image

      anu george 6 years ago

      it realy helped,thanx for posting

    • profile image

      Paul 7 years ago

      Thanks Jimmy for the review.. I found it very helpful..

    • Julie-Ann Amos profile image

      Julie-Ann Amos 9 years ago from Gloucestershire, UK

      Great hub thanks, have linked it it from my shaving hub

    • jimmythejock profile image

      James Paterson 9 years ago from Scotland

      As a side note the Mach 3 is best if you use razors to shave your head.....jimmy

    • crazy-cat profile image

      crazy-cat 9 years ago from Wiltshire

      Has to be Gillette all the way. Agree that electrics can give more razor burn, although the newer ones now come with lotions built in

    • Constant Walker profile image

      Constant Walker 9 years ago from Springfield, Oregon

      I noticed you haven't reviewed the Schick Quattro Titanium Razor/Trimmer. That's OK, I did. Please see my Cool Stuff List hub.

    • bluewings profile image

      bluewings 10 years ago from Milkyway

      I have used Mach3 and Panasonic , but panasonic left my skin dry just as you said.The Mach3 works well for me.

    • livelonger profile image

      Jason Menayan 10 years ago from San Francisco

      This was extremely useful, Jimmy. I used an electric in college until I got an ingrown hair that caused a lot of problems. You're right - they abrade the skin and give you serious razor burn.

      I've been using a Mach 3 for years. I buy my razors from specialized vendors off Ebay. They're usually repackaged Canadian ones but it's the exact same product for about half the price.

    • profile image

      justjanice 10 years ago

      My husband has also tried lots of different razors, and always comes back to the old fashioned one.