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Reading Glasses for Outdoor Reading

Updated on December 2, 2012

There are plenty of bookworms who enjoy the great outdoors but often find it difficult to go about their reading outside and under the heat of the sun mainly because their reading glasses were not designed to protect their eyes from too much sun exposure. Most reading glasses today, especially those with designer names, often lack the features to protect their user's eyes from UV rays, making them unideal for outdoor reading.

Not all reading glasses are like this though; in fact, a special kind of reading glasses known as sun-readers have been designed to protect your eyes from too much UV rays from the sun, allowing you to enjoy your sunny afternoons over a book and your choice of drink.

It's important to protect your eyes from the dangerous rays of the sun. Too much exposure to sunlight may lead to eye damage, ocular degeneration, and even speed up the process of cataract development over your eyes. Regular sunglasses, like the ones you can find off the rack in any department store, are not always effective in keeping UVB and UVA rays from your eyes and using them to read is not a good idea either. These regular sunglasses have lenses that were not designed for the purpose of reading or seeing into.

If reading and having fun outdoors is your definition of a cozy Saturday, then what you need is a pair of sun-readers, a kind of reading- and sunlight-protecting- eye wear that is effective in protecting your eyes from too much sun damage. Sun-readers are ideal for reading since their lenses were coated with the graded lenses often found in regular reading glasses. The tint on these sunglasses, meanwhile, were added so you can keep the sun away from directly hitting your eyes.

Sun-readers are also very stylish and were designed with no specific attire or wardrobe in mind, so you can match them with any attire and still look dignified.

To make the most out of your sun-readers, use them during your travels you get to carry your reading glasses and sunglasses in one!


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