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Reality Is Pretty In Lingerie For Men

Updated on May 24, 2010

This is Part Two of Reality and the Man Who Wore A Bra. Please read Part One first.

“I do wear a bra,” Steve agreed, his face pale as he took a step back towards his dresser drawers.

“I LIKE YOUR BRA.” Reality sidled coyly closer to the stunned human.

“Oh, do you?” Steve asked over his shoulder as he rifled through a drawer filled with pills in various cheerful colors. There were a lot of labels ending in 'zac' and 'ax' and other chemical terms. “Where is my lithium? Where is my lithium?”Steve chanted.

“MAY I TRY IT ON?” Reality asked politely, clutching its hands together before itself and swaying coquettishly.

“Sure, sure,” Steve replied. He unhooked his brassiere and tossed it towards Reality, who wasted no time in donning it over the blue satin nightgown. Reality admired the pretty patterns the lace made in the soft morning sun as the satin sparkled through the holes in the lace.

“AM I NOT PRETTY?” Reality inquired of the unfortunate gentleman who had now elected to shrink into a corner of the room and rock back and forth holding his knees.

“Yes, pretty, very pretty,” Steve agreed, shutting his eyes tightly. “I'm dreaming. I've fallen asleep and I'm dreaming,” he said, pinching the skin of his arm.

“PRETTY,” Reality agreed.

Steve opened his eyes, seeming surprised and disappointed that Reality was still there, now admiring itself in his mirror.

“I WILL WEAR THIS,” Reality announced at length.

“Er, okay, but you really should wear it...”

“I WILL WEAR THIS EVERY DAY. I AM PRETTY IN MY LINGERIE. PRETTY,” Reality chanted the positive affirmation in the mirror, ignoring Steve's comments. A nice young man by the name of Tony Robbins had once informed Reality that positive affirmations were an excellent way to inspire and motivate. Reality liked being inspired and motivated.

“IT LOOKED GOOD ON YOU, BUT I THINK IT LOOKS EVEN BETTER ON ME,” Reality informed Steve, who had now raised his hand for an opportunity to speak. Reality was unfamiliar with the convention, so ignored him entirely.

“But you really should put it on un...”

“UNITING THE FORCES OF SATIN AND LACE, I COULD NOT HAVE SAID IT BETTER MYSELF,” Reality agreed as it swaggered towards the window, proudly wearing both the satin nightgown, and atop that, like a badge of honor, Steve's delicate lace brassiere.

Steve watched as Reality melted through his blinds and into the great universal beyond now clad in two pretty pieces of lingerie. Suddenly the room was unbearably empty, hollow. Steve stood up tentatively, hardly daring to believe the events that had just taken place. It would have been easy to dismiss the entire affair as a delusion, but he could not deny that his favorite black lace brassiere was gone, and still in the quiet of the morning, a refrain flowed to him from over the hydrangeas and far away “PRETTY IN MY LINGERIE, I AM PRETTY IN MY LINGERIE...”


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I almost pity these poor men who have such exquisite taste in lingerie that they lose it because reality wants it for itself.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Wow... .change the wardrobe... and change the world...{;o)


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