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Cheap Recharcheable Razors

Updated on May 8, 2009

Rechargeable Shavers

With any electric razor, you want to be careful of which one you purchase because they all have their pros and cons. You best bet is to know what you want in an electric razor, and narrow down your search from there.

Just remember that price isn't always going to be your determining factor as to how good a particular rechargeable shaver model is. Some of the cheaper priced razors are just as good, sometimes better, as your $100+ rechargeable shaver models.

Tip: Do not press too hard- razor to skin- because you'll find that no matter what rechargable shaver model you use, you will more than likely experience razor burn. Tread lightly.

Philips Norelco 7110 Cordless Rechargeable Shaver

The Norelco 7110X razor uses some of Phillips' best technology so that you get the closet shave without having to pay $100 for one of the more expensive rechargeable shaver models. The Norecelo 7110X has a spring release, full-width trimmer, automatic worldwide voltage, hair collection chamber, cleaning technology, electric on/off switch, rubber grips, protective razor cap, precision trimmer, coil cord, and a cleaning brush. So, in all reality, you're getting a really good deal for a steal of a price, especially when you consider the 60 day money-back guarantee and the full two year warranty.

You'll find that you'll get one of the best smooth, shaves with the Norelco 7110. The precision cutting system is set with ultra thin head and slots that shave the long hairs and the short stubble. The patented reflex action system automatically adjusts to the curves on your face, which make sure a smoother shave. It has individually floating heads that align the razor-sharp, stainless steel blades closer to your skin, and the superior lift and cut technology lifts hair and cuts it below skin level.

The Philips Norelco 7110x rechargeable shaver model is quick and easy to clean, as well, so you don't have to spend hours trying to clean off the blade.

The rechargeable razor has power LED charging and low batter indicators. It hold an 8 hour charge for 25 minutes or 8 days of cordless shaving.

Philips Norelco 8151XL Speed-XL Rechargeable Cordless Shaver

he Norelco 8151XL may not seem to have as many features as the 7110X, but it's a pretty good rechargeable shaver model for its price tag. The 8151XL gas the precision cutting system, reflex action system with superior lift and cut technology, high intensity display with low battery, charging, and full battery indicator, spring release pop-up trimmer, automatic charging stand, and a hair collection chamber.

You'll find that the basic advantages to the Norelco 8151XL rechargeable shaver model include:

  • Quick and easy to clean and you don't need to purchase cleaning solutions
  • Long battery life and a low battery indicator
  • Semi-rigid case that has more padding for better protection
  • Dual voltage transformer
  • Stable charging stand

Braun Free Control 1775 Shaver

Braun has always been a good name with electric razors, and the Braun 1775 is probably one of hte better cheaper priced shaver models on the market. You will easily get a close shave with very little effort with the free float system with extra wide foil that contours your face. The extra wide foil helps cover a larger area, and the ultra thin foil helps get the super close shave.

The Braun 1775 rechargeable shaver is washable. All you have to do is run it under water, meaning you don't really need any extra cleaning materials.

It has a nice ergonomic grip, so that it fits in your hand with ease, and the non-slip grip makes it easy to keep a hold of the shaver while in your wet hands.

Everything I've read about the Braun Free Control 1775 shaver has been rave reviews. It seems for the price, this is probably one of the best rechargeable shaver models that you can purchase.

Remington WDF-1600 Rechargeable Shaver

This is a great little rechargeable shaver model for women, but that doesn't mean that men can't use it too. The Remington WDF-1600 is great for a quick and comfortable shave. It has a comfortable grip that hugs your curves for a close shave.

The Remington WDF-1600 has two Contour Safescreens that help protect your skin from nicks and cuts, and the SmoothCut trimmer is perfect for the bikini line, missed hairs, and stubble. You can use the WDF-1600 in and out of the shower, as it's a wet/dry system.

Remington's WDF-1600 rechargeable shaver model has a comfortable grip and is designed for non-slip. It's rechargeable and includes a charging stand, as well as a storage pouch and a cleaning brush.

The average charge is pretty long, most people finding it satisfactory. The razor blades are cheap and affordable, as well, which makes it a more favorable rechargeable razor.

There is even a 2 year warranty. which includes the protective head guard charging system.

Remington Titanium Rechargeable Shaver

The Remingont Titanium rechargeable razor features two ultra thin MicroScreens that contour to your face for ultimate close shave. It has a pop-up trimmer for the best and precise trimming, which is great for hairs that are hard to get.

The rechargeable shaver model has a compact charging system. The razor has a charging light that lights up when charging. It will shut off when the shaver is fully charged, so that you know when it is ready for use. When the razor is fully charged, it will run for 40 minutes, which is a fairly decent time for a rechargeable razor model.

The razor even has a nice grip that helps you keep a hold of the shaver so that you don't slip and drop it.


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      WestOcean 7 years ago from Great Britain

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      Very informative as always. Thank you.