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Recycled Purses

Updated on September 3, 2014
Recycled Seatbelt Purse
Recycled Seatbelt Purse | Source

Eco Friendly & Fashionable Purses

Purses made from recycled materials are all the rage. Not only are they attractive, stylish and unique accessories, they are practical and show you care about the environment.

Buying one of these purses made from recycled materials makes a positive and green statement, shows you care about planet earth and helped kept more items out of landfills.

These unique purses and handbags are from all sorts of interesting items: license plates, juice boxes, magazines, newpapers, phone books, pull tabs, candy wrappers, tractor inner tubes, records and many more recycled things.

These "up-cycled" repurposed purses are a real conversation starter. Do your part for the environment with a fun, green and trendy handbag!

Recycled Juice Box Purses

Recycled Juice Box Purses
Recycled Juice Box Purses

These purses are hand crafted to inspire more people to become environmentally conscious and help reduce the amount of waste generated every day.

Stylish, unique and eco-friendly handbags & purses & totes are available in various sizes and color combinations - all are created from recycled & biodegradable materials - Purses Made with a Purpose!

One of my favorites are these colorful and stylish handbags made from recycled juice boxes! A cool item indeed...

Recycled Tire Purse
Recycled Tire Purse

Recycled Tire Handbags

I just discovered these luxurious, eco-friendly, and fashionable purses made from discarded tractor tire inner tubes. Inner tubes are like fingerprints - the markings on the tire inner tube rubber are so vast in their design that no two bags are exactly alike.

Our source, incorporates leather trim and sides to their rubber bags, keeping them lightweight and enabling the introduction of new colors and textures.

In keeping with their eco-friendly beliefs, all leathers used are by-products, vegetable dyed and chrome free, and all bags are handcrafted using the highest quality hardware and materials available.

Reusable, Cotton & Organic Lunch Bags!

These eco-friendly lunch bags pack all of the things you want in your lunch, and none of the things you don't. Made with 100% certified organic cotton and a tested food-safe lining.

Printed with water-based pigments, the fun and whimsical designs are coveted as much by grown ups as by kids. My favorite is this Doggy Bag!

The details: Fully machine washable (with a wipeable, water-resistant lining), these bags are easy to keep clean, functional, durable and - above all - safe and healthy. Includes a snap closure so your goodies don't fall out.

Recycled Pull Tab Handbags

These sharp-looking handbags are made by overlapping and weaving together recycled soda can tabs. Yes you read correctly,100 % post-consumer recycled aluminum tabs, the ones you pull to open a can of soda.

Each bag has a zipper closure, hand crocheted padding, and a zippered pouch inside for extra convenience.

Available in several different styles and sizes from coin purses to large shoulder bags. They are lightweight and chic! This company donates 1 % of sales to the Breast Cancer Fund.

Cheer Your Team The Eco-Friendly Way!

The perfect gift for the big sports fan! Show your team pride with these attractive, eye-catching, spirit-filled accessories. What a great way to show support for your favorite MLB, NHL, NBA and NFL or collegiate team.

Available in many styles including shoulder bags, clutches, wristlets,coin purses and tailgate tote bags. All incorporate recycled materials so you can root for your team and feel good about helping the environment.

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