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Where to find Sheer Red Curtains

Updated on March 23, 2011

Where to Find Red Curtains

Did you ever try to shop for curtains, maybe you wanted a certain color of curtain. Like maybe dark red curtains, or maybe you wanted a special fabric and color like red silk curtains. So how do you go about shopping for them? I like to have kind of an idea of the color I want and dimensions of the old curtains. Thats a good place to start. Keep it simple! I did around on line before I goo shopping!

Look at all the red curtains I found. You can search by length, fabric, even dominate color. You can check out new and used red draperies before you go to the store to purchase them. This might help you to decide the type of fabric and get a general idea of what you might be looking for.

Or you can even purchase them on Ebay or Amazon. Save time money and gas. I enjoy shopping on Ebay and Amazon because you can see seller feed back. I found some red sheer curtains for my friends and purchased them. They came in the mail fast were the correct color and dimensions. I choose a seller with good feed back and customer service.

I like shopping online more than I do in the stores these days. Online merchants seem to value their customers more and have support systems in place that far replace the normal store employee these days.

Blue Curtains

Of course you can find blue curtains on Ebay or Amazon I have already found 1000s for you. Check out all the fabrics they have for bule curtains also Cotton, Flannel, Linen, Satin, Silk, Synthetic, Velvet, and Wool ! You should be able to find they type of fabric and color you want on Ebay and Amazon!

All you really have to do is search for them . So if you want to save time and $$ in the long run . you might want to think about buying your curtains online.


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  • MrMarmalade profile image

    MrMarmalade 9 years ago from Sydney

    You obviously know a little about Ebay

    Thank you