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Men's Fashion: How to Rock and Match Red Pants

Updated on April 21, 2013

I am currently studying on exchange in an extremely fashionable corner of Europe. Nestled deep in the south-west corner of Germany is the city of Freiburg whose massive student population means no end of young and trendy citizens. Couple that with the many modern shops and boutiques around every corner and you have a recipe for some of the best fashion sense in the world.

In this overwhelmingly fashionable environment, I have been keeping a close eye on shop displays and the dress of my fellow city dwellers. My conclusion: this winter, red pants are in! Autumn saw every hue under the sun buttoned firmly to the behinds of men young and old: red, orange, yellow, blue (not jeans), green, violet, mauve..., but now that winter is in full force, these festive colors have given way to the more subdued black, blue, grey, brown and the like. However, this winter, the color red has made its place amongst the more conservative tones. Do you know what that means guys? It’s time to brighten up this winter with a pair of red pants! It also means that red pants are making their way to becoming a long-term trend.

Just to clarify, women in red pants is just as legitimate, but the trend for colorful women’s pants this winter is every shade of pink from dusty to hot. It is on men that red pants have become a hot trend this season. Perhaps a little lingering Santa Clause nostalgia so soon after the holidays? In any case, no trendy guy’s wardrobe is complete this winter without a nice bold shade of red in his pants drawer. You might be wondering about what shade of red, well, just about ALL of them! That’s right, everything from subtle rose to bright ketchup. I myself have chosen a shade somewhere in between.

No matter how subtle the shade, you will still need to be careful with it. Wearing something as bold as red pants necessitates a degree of toning down. I recommend combining your red pants with a relatively conservative top. I recommend a grey, brown or navy blue top to combine with the deeper more subdued shades of red, and black or white (it’s no secret they go with everything) to combine with the trickier bold and bright shades. However, if you are going to mix red with another color of the rainbow, allow me to recommend a shade of blue that leans more toward turquoise. This will be an extreme combination, but a matching one. Violet would be equally as bold. Green is the most perfect match for red as they stand opposite one another on the color wheel, but it might not be the best match with the holidays still not quite fully faded from our minds. I am going to downright veto combining red pants with a pink, orange or yellow top. Yellow may be tolerable if done carefully, but as far as pink and orange are concerned, no. Just, no.

Now, how to go about buying a pair! For those who are not particularly experienced shoppers, be sure to take your time. Try things on and settle for nothing less than the perfect fit. Snugly fitting pants are in and will remain so for a while still (a repeat of the baggy early 2000s fiasco is VERY unlikely any time soon). Remember, fashion doesn’t have to come at a high price. I went to almost every shop in Freiburg from the outlet to the high end, and after trying on pants from a price range of 15 to 150 Euros, I found the best pair to be one that was marked down to 17 Euros (about 20 to 22 dollars, depending on the exchange rate). So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and buy yourself a pair of red pants!


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    • windygreen profile image

      Valerie 5 years ago


    • MochaBelle profile image

      Diana A. Rivers 5 years ago from New York, New York

      I love bright colors, especially for winter, but haven't tried red pants, only red blazers. I like men that jazz up their ensembles with rich colors; it's a great way for them to turn heads, which can be difficult with men's fashion.