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Red Topaz: Information & Buy Red Topaz Jewelry Online

Updated on February 1, 2014

Red Topaz

Red topaz is a type of semi-precious gem stone. Topaz mined in Ural mountain of Russia and Katlang of Pakistan appears rosy red for it contains chromium element. Red topaz is rare in nature, the red topaz jewelry seen these days are generally coated to impart color. Most true red topaz has orange undertones.

There's not much information online regarding red topaz, to my surprise. Information about other topaz stones such as blue topaz, imperial topaz, yellow topaz, etc. is available everywhere. This is possibly because red topaz is hard to come around, and deep red, which has the highest value, is especially difficult to find.

Red Topaz
Red Topaz

Natural Red Topaz is Very Rare

Red topaz in general refers to those with red hue in colors, this includes pink, peach, rose, red, and purple red. Such natural red topaz has been found in Brazil, Pakistan and other places, but most of the colors are too light, very few are in deep red. American Museum of Natural History in New York has the possession of a red topaz from Brazil, it weighs 71 carats. In addition to the natural source for red topaz, red color can also be obtained by using heat treatment on sherry topaz and brown topaz, the resulting product is often called the pink of Topaz. If the red comes from nature, it would be most valuable.

Sherry Topaz from Pakistan
Sherry Topaz from Pakistan

Sherry Topaz

Sherry topaz is a brownish-yellow to yellow-brown variety of topaz resembling sherry wine in color. It is different than the true yellow topaz which when comes natural, is of highest valued in topaz, especially when it comes to golden yellow, red-orange to pink-orange colors. These are considered imperial topaz.

Sherry Topaz Chemical Properties

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  • Hardness: 8
  • Composition: Hydrous Aluminum Silicate
  • Refractive index 1.64/1.63 to 1.62/1.61
  • Specific Gravity: 3.52-3.56
  • Birefringence: Yes
  • Critical Angle: 37.83
  • Crown Angle: 43
  • Pavilion Angle: 39
  • Pleochroism: No
  • Crystal Shape: Othorhombic
  • Colors: Red, reddish pink

Buying Red Topaz Online

Since red topaz is so rare, most of them on the market are treated red. There are a lot on ebay these days, and not a whole lot on amazon. On ebay, if you see anything listed by someone from a foreign country, you can pretty much guarantee it's not red topaz they claim it is.Those red topaz jewelry on amazon can't be natural, they have to be coated red, or I believe they would claim the genuineness and price them much higher. I personally feel much more comfortable shopping with amazon for topaz, at least I have the confidence they are generally not other non-topaz stones like quartz, crystal, or worst of all, glass.

Red Topaz ebay Sale

There are generally several hundreds of red topaz listings for sale on ebay. Quite some claim their red topaz Brazil red topaz, which I personally do not buy. Just by looking at the size, a stone of 30-40 carats can be sold for merely $11-$15 in total cost, that alone tells us they are not genuine. They have to be either lab coated or they are fake red topaz; in the worst case, you might be buying a piece of glass. Take a look at those red topaz on the right hand side, do you think they are real based on the knowledge you have learned so far?

On the other hand, I did find several sellers who offer possibly the best service and guarantee. These couple of red topaz rings and pendant necklace on the right hand side are offered by one of them. They claim all their items sold come with "complete 100% satisfaction and 5-Star no risk guarantee which includes FREE RETURN SHIPPING should you not be completely satisfied." My suggestion is go with sellers with such guarantees and pay higher price and have a good night sleep, instead of hunting for bargains and you are not getting anything. As the holiday is around the corner, a piece of red topaz jewelry can be a surprising gift idea for your friends and loved ones.


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    • profile image

      amoxenyte 5 years ago

      shoertly weather will get warmer andnow me and a new crew will search for blue, green and red topaz in a new area in where I have found durangite last summer. ''Hope to see a crowd visiting out there too.

    • profile image

      amoxenyte 6 years ago

      So all this time I've been selling natural red topaz crystals for a few cents from a dollar I've actually been giving away thousands of dollars worth each month! WOW!! NO WONDER why i cuoldnt find any on the net to price'em earlier. and i recently gavaway a beaut!!thankyou from amoxenyte on

    • snakebaby profile image

      Sabrina Yuquan Chen (陈玉泉) 6 years ago from Boston, MA, USA

      It is indeed true, and I've only learned clear topaz being one of the diamond substitutes after my topaz research, thought only cubic zirconia was the one.

    • lifedancer profile image

      lifedancer 6 years ago from California

      Unfortunately, fraud in gems sales is rampant, especially on sites like E-bay and other web auctions. Topaz, being 8 in hardness, is a good gem for rings and bracelets. Since the discovery of the ability to coat topaz with many different colors, permanent coating, every stone claiming to be untreated, must be tested. This is just not economically feasible. I have not found much red topaz, mostly orange/brown, on E-bay. Clear topaz is being use as a simulant for diamonds, since diamond prices have gone up a lot.

    • snakebaby profile image

      Sabrina Yuquan Chen (陈玉泉) 7 years ago from Boston, MA, USA

      Glad you like it, I do to, although at this price they can't be red topaz from nature.

    • fashionguilty profile image

      fashionguilty 7 years ago from New York

      I like the rings on eBay.