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Will Reebok EasyTone shoes take the UK by storm?

Updated on March 7, 2012
So good they make you forget to get dressed properly
So good they make you forget to get dressed properly

With spring already upon us, the race for beautiful shapely summer legs is already well underway and Reebok are about to unleash the full power of their marketing might on an unsuspecting British public with their EasyTone Shoes.

British women do not yet know that they are about to have their world rocked by a new innovation which has been getting American legs all hot and sweaty for some time now. Reebok EasyTone trainers have arrived, and with the largest spend of any sportswear brand on an advertising campaign, they are all but throwing the shoes at the British public to get their attention.

They take on fitness lifestyle shoes such as Fitflops sandals and Skechers Shapeups and do so by focussing firmly on the buttocks and what the extra burn will do to the lower body. Of course if you want to tone faster than ever, then you can always wear Reebok RunTone and sculpt the body whilst jogging and running.

The Reebok Easytone workout

Reebok have opted for flaunting copious amounts of bare leg and bum cheek to entice the British woman to spend her hard earned pounds on their toning shoes and get her legs into shape, rather then dwell too much on the technology. Whilst the advertising campaign has been aimed at women under 40, it is expected that boyfriends and husbands will see the value of splashing out on a pair of £65 shoes for the results that can be achieved.

However, men beware! Impromptu fitness footwear gifts can be well received, but nothing says “I think you have a big fat ass” like a pair of bum toning shoes. You could be spending your hard earned cash preparing perfect legs for the next man!

The Reetone campaign is due to be aired in the UK on 27th March 2010 and is expected to be of the same ilk as the other campaigns currently winging their way around the world. Very soon, shoes stocks are likely to dwindle as the UK public gets the message and starts shaping up for summer.

Billed as giving “Better tone and a better butt with every step” the US adverts play on this, drawing attention to the wonderful curves which can be attained with no extra effort. Just pop on a pair or Reebok Easytone shoes and your legs are one step closer to perfection.

However don’t believe the hype, there is no gain without pain. Whilst the same exercise routine will give you a more bum-firming burn, you will really feel it at the end of the day. Buns of steel do not come without some extra effort, but this is as close as you can get without increasing the time on the StairMaster.

Balance Ball Inspired technology
Balance Ball Inspired technology

So how do they work, and more importantly, do they work?

It’s time for some science. Reebok Easytone shoes claim to be inspired by balance ball technology. I was not aware that a balance ball was that technologically advanced. No matter. The soles of the shoes feature mini balance balls in the toe, the ball of the foot, and the heel. Also known as instability pods, their function is to put you off balance slightly which causes the leg muscles to work overtime to correct the instability, bringing a wider range of muscles into play and generating more muscle toning activity.

Since the corrections are quite small, it is almost unperceivable that extra work is being achieved. However those little pads are all that is required to give a boost to muscle activity in the bottom, thighs and calves.

Inside a Reebok Easytone you will find a silky soft haven for the feet. The seams have been moved out of the way so your feet will not get any abrasions and the additional padding in the sole make for one of the most comfortable trainers on the market.

Since their release in the US there has been an explosion of styles which sees some rather funky models now on the market, none more so than with the collection released to coincide with the new campaign.

Perfect legs Reebok Style
Perfect legs Reebok Style

Reebok Easytone Reviews

It’s a little too early to tell if Reebok EasyTone shoes are up to the task of toning British legs,however reviews from the United States appear to be good, although it does depend on who you ask.

The verdict appears to be, for those who are yet to start an exercise program, or who want an extra workout in the same time frame they are an excellent buy. For anyone who already has a firm bottom and sculpted legs they are probably not worth the money although they may help you keep that perfect figure.

Some women swear by them, others find that they don't do very much, but most agree that the shoes are comfortable and fun to wear. Reebok initially claimed that the shoes offered up to 28% more toning, but have had to withdraw the statistics due to a FTC complaint. Reebok were unable to substantiate its claims that the shoes improve lower body shape and increase muscle activity significantly. As such they have been ordered to pay out $25 million in settlements.

According to Reebok's Daniel Sarro "Settling does not mean we agree with the FTC’s allegations; we do not. We have received overwhelmingly enthusiastic feedback from thousands of EasyTone customers, and we remain committed to the further development of our EasyTone line of products"

What this means is that Reebok cannot claim that the shoes will work for everyone, nor give specific percentages about how much extra muscle activation the shoes provide. If you love your Reebok's, carry on using them and keep on buying them. However, if you don't lose weight, you cant sue Reebok. If you are new to this type of shoe, remember that they work for some people but not so well for others. Worth a try?

Easy Toning with the SimplyTone
Easy Toning with the SimplyTone

The Reebok SimplyTone

Reebok have released a harder wearing version of the Easytone, which replaces the air filled instability pods with foam pads.

The shoes offer greater stability, and a more robust design, with the foam pads unable to wear down and burst.

Whilst the toning effect is not as pronounced as the Easytone, they are a better choice for heavier builds, and offer a gentler workout for the lower body.

As with the Easytone, the Reebok SimplyTone still offers the silky smooth seamless lining, and a highly comfortable fit with a Playdry lining to wick away sweat and promote the lost of heat from the shoes to keep the feet cool, dry and comfortable.

The SimplyTone features highly colourful running shoe styles, feminine colour schemes and neutral options to match with the widest range of exercise clothing so you can look good as you are firming your lower body.

Fitness is fun again with Reebok Easytone shoes
Fitness is fun again with Reebok Easytone shoes
Reebok Run Tone For jogging and running
Reebok Run Tone For jogging and running

Reebok Run Tone

The Reebok EasyTone is great for walking and light training, however for joggers and runners the design may become a little too unstable. Due to the increased stresses at work on the shoes the balance pods are taken outside their comfort zone, and do not provide a stable enough base, and run the risk of bursting.

However the Reebok Run Tone offers a redesign of the original Easytone, replacing the heel pod with 5 smaller balace pods, and the single forefoot pad has been split into three. The shoes still give muscle activity a major boots, however the design is far more stable and better suited to moving at speed, and much more robust to cope with even the heaviest heel strike.

The shoes have recently been seen on the feet of many a sports personality, with the Manchester United and Wales Midfield Soccer player Ryan Giggs seen sporting a pair, and UK Formula 1 Champion Lewis Hamilton also a well known RunTone runner. Womens RunTone trainers are frequently seen on the feet of the supremely toned model and TV Presenter Kelly Brook, another notable Reetone devotee.

Reebok RunTone Trainers - Tone Faster
Reebok RunTone Trainers - Tone Faster

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