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Refine your look this fall with Merle Norman

Updated on October 6, 2015

Update your look this fall with Merle Norman

Cleanse well, look well this fall

Fall -- with its changing light, changing ambient colors and "back to school" attitude whether you're still going to classes or not -- is a welcome time to change your look. One of America's classic cosmetic and skincare companies, Merle Norman, is here to help! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

You may be familiar with the brand's name from your mother or even grandmother's time: it's been family owned since 1931. Their products have always been made in the USA. You'll find their studios all over the country.

Fall can often bring skincare challenges for many of us. Suntans toughen skin, preventing dead skin cells from shedding. Once the tan goes, clogged pores and breakouts pop out. Cooler weather dries out the complexion and can accentuate wrinkles. Masks can help with the heavy duty of deep cleaning and exfoliating, but for many, clay masks are too dehydrating and a little bit too "8th grade slumber party".

Instead, try something a whole lot more modern and sophisticated: Merle Norman Revitalizing Bubbly Mask is perfect for all complexions, especially this time of year. It pumps out a lightly fruity scented, pink pearlized cream. Spread it on your face and it immediately begins to foam. Five minutes later, easily rinse the foam away! The product contains glycerine, "Vivillume" (a natural extract from the White Bird of Paradise Flower), grapefruit seed extract, collagen, as well as Vitamins A,C and E.

Contouring has been hot-hot-hot in makeup for a while. Did Kim Kardashian bring about the trend? At any rate, it can hard to know what tools to use to get it right. The new Makeup Artistry Face #8 Brush is made for cream and liquid concealer-consistency contour colors. It's so soft, you'll hardly believe it's vegan and made with synthetic bristles. Its small head and angled brush makes it easy to get into the corner recesses of your facial planes, such as around your nose.

Fall is a time when there are lots of activities and get togethers outdoors. You'll want a natural, rosy, non-makeup look. Liquid Blush is their new concept with an innovative formulation. It includes a silicone elastomer that makes it comfortable to wear, flexible with your facial expressions, as well as resistant of transferring, smudging and fading. "So Sweet" is a peachy-toned "no color" that will look well on all but the coolest complexions and any outfit.

There are lots and lots of mascaras on the market -- true. Award-winning Wicked Lash Mascara has a huge, plush brush, but the formula won't dry out on it. It has a truly deep black color and "Arch Fibers", adding volume, length and curl. This is a thinner formula that you'll build on in multiple coats. Your lashes won't clump, instead looking quite elegant.

5 stars for Merle Norman


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