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You Can Remove Your Chin Acne Now!

Updated on April 1, 2012

Chin acne sufferers do anything and everything in their power to make this skin problem go away. Take note that acne could be treated easily as long as you do not make things complicated. There are many natural and medical treatments available to clear this skin disorder.

Treatment Choices

Those who have chin acne have three methods to help clean this skin problem away. For one, they could attempt to make a home-made remedy, check with a dermatologist and try a product specifically meant for acne. Be aware that there are benefits and disadvantages to such an approach.

If you prefer to do the home-made approach, you can use regular soap and water to clear your chin acne. Make sure you wash your face two times per day. A lot of people see positive changes by simply washing their face with water and gentle soap. It is important to have the proper moisturizer and soap that suits your skin. It is also necessary to be consistent with your facial regimen.

You could also utilize astringent. Moisten a ball of cotton with a gentle astringent and apply this on the area of the skin which is affected. Doing so helps clear the pores on your skin as well as decrease bacterial count. Remember that you must first wash your face prior to applying exfoliators or toners.

What is the cause of chin acne?

Generally, hormones are the major factor. However, stress and diet could also play a part. Concealers could hide your problem but they are temporary solutions. Be aware that over the counter products such as moisturizers and cosmetics could lead to more breakouts as these could block the skin's sebaceous pores. This eventually leads to pimples and blackheads.

Believe it or not, there also exists a problem referred to as nodulocystic acne. This is considered as a painful kind of skin problem. You need to be cautious when squeezing such a cystic acne. As much as possible, you must not do it. Usually, a cystic spot will lead to a white head but do not pop it. If ever you do, the problem will occur again and it will also leave a scar.

Acne is common in teens and usually appears on the jawline or chin. There are numerous methods to fight off stubborn pimples surrounding your mouth. For one, you can drink seven to eight glasses of water each day. Doing so could help decrease your skin issues.

You could also combine 2 tbsp of baking soda and 2 cups of warm water onto the affected area of your skin. Do pay attention to areas surrounding your nose and mouth. If you have a skin breakout and this is because of excess sebum or oil on your face, mud packs could assist in unclogging your pores and removing dirt.

Rosewater and sandalwood mitxure could assist you in getting rid of your acne. You can apply this on your face for fifteen to twenty minutes. After which, do wash it off using warm water. This mixture helps your skin get rid of unwanted scars.


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