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Remy Hair Sales- How a Trick Made Millions for Local Hair Shops

Updated on February 27, 2013
Tree Braids profile image

Treebraids by Kaale is now a part of NoSho(SM) Hair Extensions Group. Started out in corporate America, but Kaale's passion now serves all.

Traditional Small Cornrow Treebraids With Unprocessed Virgin Brazilian Hair

This is what small traditional cornrow treebraids looks like.  This hair is virgin Brazilian unprocessed hair, 3 bundles of 4oz each.  Doesn't the hair look gorgeous?  It's a shame that some ladies settle for the beauty supply store knockoffs.
This is what small traditional cornrow treebraids looks like. This hair is virgin Brazilian unprocessed hair, 3 bundles of 4oz each. Doesn't the hair look gorgeous? It's a shame that some ladies settle for the beauty supply store knockoffs. | Source

Virgin Remy vs. Remy Hair- What's The Difference?

History behind real hair: Virgin Remy is the longest lasting of all the remy hair. It is chemical free hair- no dyes, and therefore is stronger than remy hair. The color of virgin remy hair is a 1b or Off Black. Remy hair on the other hand doesn't last as long- it is dyed hair- colors run the gamut of any conceivable color shade you can imagine. Remy can be bought already dyed, or it can be purchased as virgin remy and dyed.

Another very important difference between virgin remy and remy hair is that virgin remy hair only comes in three curl patterns- natural straight, natural wavy, and natural curly. On the other hand, remy hair comes in limitless curl patterns. How is this possible? Remy hair is permed and any specific curl pattern is imprinted into the hair.

Raw Virgin Remy vs. Virgin Remy

Now that we have covered the difference between virgin remy and remy hair, it will be easier to understand the difference between raw virgin remy hair and virgin remy hair. Raw virgin remy hair is hair that has been preserved in its natural state, merely using gentle conditioning to wash the hair. Virgin remy however has a hint of relaxer in it.

Why does virgin remy hair have any hair relaxer in it? Women were not buying as much of the virgin remy- they complained that it was too coarse, and yet complained that the remy hair did not last as long. Hence virgin remy was created.

Virgin Remy, or Remy Hair- Which to Buy? Let me Save You From Buying Neither

The average person looking to buy great quality real hair extensions doesn't know the difference between Virgin Remy human hair and Remy human hair. The sad thing is that local hair supply stores have been taking advantage of this fact for over 5 years now. It's sickening that the local hair supply stores label hair that has been coated with just enough keratin to last 2-4 shampoos as Virgin Remy hair, and Remy hair.

The truth is that 99% of local hair supply stores sell man made knock offs- synthetic hair coated with keratin. The more keratin the smoother and softer the texture. So this type of hair is labeled virgin remy, and also remy. However, keratin washes down the drain with each shampooing. What's left is hair that does not respond much to product, that tangles, and not fun to work with, whereas real hair responds to a simple spritz of water. Ask me, I should know- I work in the hair industry. I would love to help you become a more informed shopper.

Do not buy 'remy' or 'virgin remy' hair from a local hair supply store if what you want is real hair that usually lasts at least 12 months. Buy from a virgin remy and remy hair importer instead. Most real hair importers sell hair in bundles of at least 4ounces. Yes, real hair is sold by the ounce and is not cheap. In order to get more sales, local hair supply shops use price gouging to sell their inferior or packaged hair. They fool shoppers into thinking that packaged hair is the same as bundled hair.

Are you shocked? You shouldn't be- local hair supply stores are merely placating a basic human need to pay more for what we value more. If they didn't do that, very few of us would buy the man made knock offs. For example, if a hair importer gave you pricing for real virgin remy hair as being a couple of hundred dollars, but the local hair supply store's packaged hair was priced as it should- about a quarter of that price- perception would be lower for the packaged hair. Yes, perception is costing consumers money even while the world is facing a recession.

So why are women buying real human hair such as virgin remy and remy hair? Real human hair stays true to its straight or curl pattern forever- over 12 months. This also means that when the extensions are installed, they look fabulous and fresh always. Wearers usually take them out not because the hair looks bad, but because they want to try something else- different hair or different style. Additionally, no matter how many times virgin remy and remy hair is washed, it still stays looking fantastic as the first day. Furthermore, the hair looks more natural because it is- it is hair cut off of someone else's head and sold. If you want hair that lasts even longer, virgin remy outlasts remy.

Ok, so now you know that bundled hair sold by the ounce is real hair, and packaged hair is the synthetic hair coated with keratin. So now what. You just buy the hair sold by the ounce, right? Not so fast!

Opportunists are mixing real hair with synthetic hair and pricing them approximately 40 dollars per bundle. Apparently these opportunists are trying to serve those who cannot afford good quality real hair. Sadly, the market is growing for this type of hair. Luckily, you can spot the price and run for your life! Isn't it ironic that the packaged hair sellers that bamboozle non-savvy consumers into thinking that their hair is real actually make more money than these opportunists? Yes, that's exactly what is happening.

Not All Real Hair is Equal- Thin vs. Full Tips

So, if you are still reading, then this hub is saving you from making a horrible mistake. Now on to the finale- not all virgin remy, and remy hair is equal. Some importers stuff their bundles of hair with approximately 3-4 different lengths. So if you buy 18 inch real hair, what you get is hair that is full at the top but thin and sparse at the ends or tips.

For wefts or track hair extensions, this may not be an altogether bad thing. Wefted hair is secured on one end with stitching to hold the strands securely in place. Wefts are usually installed as a sewn or glued in. However, bulk hair for strand by strand styles, brazilian knots, and treebraids styles would be a definite no no for stuffing with shorter strands. When the strands are separated, the shorter hairs fall to the floor! What a waste of money.

Make sure the importer says 'double drawn', or some similar statement for bulk hair, or if you need full or fuller tips. If their images are true, one look at the picture should say it all, but I would advise to read their information instead of relying solely on a picture.


In summary, a growing demand for real hair has unfortunately resulted in a surge in demand in the synthetic hair industry as well, largely at the expense of the consumer. Buyer beware!


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  • Tree Braids profile image

    Tree Braids 4 years ago from Central New Jersey

    Another important piece of information is that 100% human hair sold in hair supply stores, etc. is not the same thing as real hair. One is created with man made synthetic fibers and then coated with several layers of keratin to give it a human feel and texture. That hair can get matted. Real hair on the other hand is soft and does not get matted. When ladies find out that they have not been buying real hair all these years, they say things like: " I knew something was wrong when I bought Remy yet it got tangled after a while".

    The strongest reaction was from a couple of ladies who wanted to call their local Senator about the "problem."

    My response: the foreign trade commission, etc. have allowed these foreign countries to sell this packaged hair to us for decades. So long as the keratin provides a human-like texture the hair manufacturers are allowed to put "100% human hair" on their packaging even though it is not real hair that has been cut off someone's head.