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Retro Aprons Inspired with Vintage Designs

Updated on November 4, 2011

Aprons - Flash from the Past

When I see a vintage apron, I can’t help to think of I Love Lucy or June Clever the Mom from “Let it to Beaver”. Not really sure if Lucille Ball was ever wearing one, almost sure she rarely did expect when she was in the classic episode of Job Switching where she was working at the Chocolate factory. Now June Clever that’s another story, can’t remember her not wearing an apron. Kitchen aprons just remind me of the 50’s, a quick retro flash back to the past.

Kitchen Aprons Serve a Purpose

If the kitchen is not foreign territory for you and a spatula fits comfortably in your hand, then a kitchen apron serves a natural purpose. Protecting your cloths from the stains and spills of kitchen work it also makes a statement. The aprons of the June Cleaver day’s were both designed to look good and serve a purpose. Here are some of my favorite looking aprons with a retro and vintage style:

70's Retro Aprons
70's Retro Aprons | Source

Don’t be a Sexist

Aprons are not just for the woman of the house, they jumped the sex barrier a long time ago as many men tested the hot water as the weekend chefs. When shopping for aprons for the male chefs, you many find a lot more varieties in the area of “theme messages”.

Aprons for Men - Heavy on the Messages


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    • RetroVIntageDress profile image

      RetroVIntageDress 5 years ago from New York

      I Love Love Love Vintage & Retro Style Aprons! Even if you are someone who is not into dressing in retro or vintage style, I think a vintage style apron is a nice touch with a retro feel that can still be appreciated.