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Retro Bathing Suits - With a Unique Modern Twist

Updated on May 27, 2014

Retro Style

Retro style refers to designs that are consciously an imitation of trends, modes, fashions, or attitudes of the past. Vintage and retro are terms basically used to describe fashion produced after 1920, and typically more than fifteen years old. During this period we have gone from women’s ankles not to be shown to the introduction of bikini’s in 1946. The most successful retro look often combines the exaggerated look of the past mixed with a modern flare. This year the runways are full of retro bathing suits, however the modern twist being used is in the accessories. The 1950’s introduced rock and roll with Elvis Presley was considered the golden age of television, and women’s fashion still included the support of the girdle. Although girdles were not very comfortable they did provide a slimming look that is much desired today.

Simple Black Swim Suit

From Plain To Elegant

With many designers using the 1950’s look as the current inspiration for today’s swimming suit, and using modern support materials, the end result is reminiscent of Breakfast at Tiffany's. Adding the modern bling we currently accessorize with is the next obvious trend. This is the perfect time to add your own flare to your favorite designers swim suit. Bra accessories can be re-purposed and reused to glamorize your bathing suit. If designer bathing suits are not a part of your wardrobe and budget with comfort is the main focus, elegance is within your reach. An addition of a rhinestone or sparkling crystal swimming suit strap can provide even the cheap bathing suit with the allure and appeal of elegance. During the 1950’s it was Audrey Hepburn who introduced us to the must have little black dress, and women have been using it as a base in their wardrobe every since. Accessories can take a simple black dress and change it from daytime work clothes to black tie. This can be done as well with a simple black retro bathing suit and a modern bra strap.

How Straps Can Be Easily Worn

The Importance Of A Proper Fit

Dating back to ancient Greece women have used purpose along with fashion in their under garments. As new materials, clasps, and overall designs have been introduced women have embraced the changes and creatively maintained the comfort they seek. The balance between purpose and design has been resolved in recent years, so the focus has changed to comfort and glamor. If a bra is correctly fitted the support will come from around the body and not from the straps. This is true for a swim suit as well. To look and feel your best always ensure the clothing no matter what the style fits your body. The retro bathing suits should be worn as support to your body. The material should help to conform to your body, almost like spanx is known to do. The addition of bling’s purpose should be to add style and charm.r

Add Back Art

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Back Art

I believe it was said in Steel Magnolias that “the only thing that separates us from animals is our ability to accessorize”, this also helps us to let our individualism show in our attire. With the variety of today’s shirts and dress styles the introduction of bra strap clips, extensions, and pins became necessary. It did not take long for women to glamorize these items. Adding a broach pin hook to your straps can change your ordinary everyday swim suit into a chic addition of back art. There are many different varieties of broach pin hooks. They can be found made out of cloth, rhinestones, metals, and other materials. They can also be found in almost any shape. Hearts and butterflies are very popular, however with the variety available there is no limit to the possibilities. Adding a broach to the center of your back or just above the front of your straps will add charm and style that is all your own. As with most accessories the broaches have a wide range of cost from fairly inexpensive to very pricey.

Highlight Your Shoulders

Add Sexiness

It is common practice in most movies, the shot of the bra strap slipping off the shoulder or the strap being slid of the shoulder conveys sexiness. A women’s shoulder is one of the areas that does not reflect age or size. Although you will seldom hear a man say it was the shoulders that attracted me first, it is just as rare for a women to say I hate my shoulders. Yet the strap sliding off the shoulder is considered to be very sexy, so don’t forget the shoulders. It is common for most women to dread the swim suit season; however the retro bathing suits are one of the better designs for women. If an addition of shoulder art can be added the eyes will be drawn to a known sexy part of the body. The thought behind any accessory is to draw attention to that item, why not use it highlight a part of the body seldom used. As with the broaches, shoulder art can be found in many different patterns made with many different materials. As most accessories associated with bras are seldom used outside of special events the items are extremely under used. Once bling is put on a smile begins to form without our knowledge. All of a sudden we feel good about being a woman. There is a very large market for women’s under garments. We have been told many times that your undergarments should make you feel good. A sexy feeling can be had by most women if the undergarments are sexy. This is the same feeling a woman will experience when she adds glamor to her shoulders.

Re-Purpose Bra Accessories To Swim Wear

An economic re-purpose of bra accessories to swim wear accessories is a large part of today’s retro bathing suit look. Marilyn Monroe wore the swim suit style with a sexiness admired by most men and woman alike, if she was able to add the bling of today to her shoulders and back there would never have been a need to change the design. The 1950’s pinup women were all known for their glamour and beauty, this is the ultimate look a modern woman is looking for as well.

© 2014 Pamela Stanford


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