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Review: Christian Louboutin Neofilo Black Patent 120mm

Updated on October 19, 2014

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It was one of my friends in high school that introduced me to the red laquered soles of Christian Louboutin. The shoes had been beautiful and incredibly expensive, and at the time, as an eighteen year old working as a cashier at a drug store, they were a far off dream.

Fast forward three years, and I'm in a job with the military and making more money than I would part-time anywhere else. I started to fathom the idea of buying myself a pair of Louboutins probably close to a year ago now, and a few days prior to my 20th birthday in July, I actually did it. I went to David's shoe store in Toronto, where I remember seeing Louboutins displayed in the front window, and decided upon a classic black patent leather pair: the Neofilo 120mm. With taxes in they came to about 825 dollars CDN. It was my first expensive impulse buy, and when I was walking out of the store with my shoes in my bag I was shaking with excitement.

For the first week or so, all I wanted to do was look at them and wear them. At the time I was on course on a military base, living in quarters, so there wasn't much opportunity to wear them. However I made sure I pranced around my room when I was off work, getting used to the high arch and rather tall heel.


Aesthetically, the shoes are absolutely stunning. The patent black leather contrasting with the soft cream color of the interior and the bright red laquered sole are timeless and distinct. Anyone who's at all in tune with modern fashion or celebrities can take one look at the red sole and recognize them - perhaps not know the designer's name, but I've had people come up to me almost every time I've worn them and know right away what they are.

They have a smaller than average toe box compared to most shoes, which allows for the fashionable "toe cleavage" when you wear them. This feature too, is unique and common with Louboutin shoes. The height of the heel makes your feet and legs look very elegant, and when you wear them you can't help but feel like you're getting ready for your turn on the red carpet.


Christian Louboutin shoes when it comes to comfort is perhaps not as renowned as their appearance. I was given heel grips with my pair to keep my feet from slipping, and they also provided a bit of cushion. Louboutin shoes vary depending on their style when it comes to comfort, and it depends on your feet, as well. When purchasing them, be sure to walk in them to make sure that slippage is not too much or your toes aren't crunched up.

The shoes for me are rather comfortable, but wearing them for extended periods of time will leave my feet feeling tired and slightly pinched. If you are not used to wearing heels, the 120mm stiletto heel on the Neofilo will not be a good choice for your first purchase. They also have barely any platform, so the angle which your feet are situated is rather steep. Believe it or not Louboutin shoes can have heels as low as 70mm, so if you are uncertain as to your ability for walking in heels, try something shorter, or with a larger platform.


Christian Louboutin shoes can vary depending on the style. You can't go into a store and say "Oh I'm a size 37, I'll fit a size 37". Usually, the styles tend to run small and most women have to go half a size to a full size up from what they normally wear. Try them on and take them for a walk. For me, I was able to stick with my regular size 38 for this pair. But for my other pair of Louboutins I had to go half a size up. You don't know for sure until you try.


Obviously, Louboutins aren't shoes you'd wear for an every-day occasion. As you may already know, the red laquer sole on the bottom will scuff off with wear, depending of course on what surfaces you'll be walking. Carpet floors or laminate floors won't be an issue. Rocks, concrete, and pavement however, will cause the red laquer to wear off. Luckily, there are red rubber half soles that you can get to put on the bottoms once this has occurred. I took my Neofilos out on pavement and concrete for a dinner one evening and the soles were rather scuffed at the end of the night, however not to the point where I've required the rubber soles.

Stability wise, the shoes are rather sturdy and are well put together. They keep their patent shine and I have not encountered any flaws in their design.

A Beautiful Shoe

Overall, I was very pleased with my first pair of Louboutins. The Neofilo is a very classic shoe, perfect for a special night out. They match with basically any outfit, are comfortable to wear, and are simply beautiful. Of course, their price range may be a little steep for some people, but I'm glad I was able to buy myself a pair while I'm young. They are definitely one of the most favorite things I have bought.

David's, Yorkdale Mall:
1 Yorkdale Road, Yorkdale Shopping Centre, Toronto, ON M6A 3A1, Canada

get directions

David's, located in the Yorkdale Mall in Toronto, was where I purchased my Louboutins


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