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Review: Rimmel London Sexy Curves Mascara

Updated on August 17, 2010
The Sexy Curves Mascara
The Sexy Curves Mascara

Sexy Curves Mascara: Indeed as sexy as it sounds

It's packaged in a sexy, metallic purple tube. Yes, it is the mascara that you often passed by at the drugstore, that mascara that you were absolutely sure that would suck because it promised so many things at once: fuller AND curvier lashes? That can't be right! So you kept going down the aisle, ignoring it even though the gorgeous tube tempted you so much. Nice packaging does not mean good mascara, you told yourself. And so, you grabbed the safe covergirl lashblast and sprinted to the checkout counter before you could waste another few bucks on something that wasn't even going to work.

Actually, ladies, by doing that step you may have made a very big mistake, because the Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara is one great mascara!

The Effect: very volumizing. It creates this very dramatic, almost false- lash look. If you have short or fine lashes, this is the mascara for you

The Good:

- The formulation of this stuff is great: not too wet so that it goes everywhere when you take the brush out, yet no so dry so that it creates dark lumps on your lashes.

- The Rimmel London sexy curves mascara's brush is fabulous: its "Triple Plump Brush" is pretty much one-of-a-kind: basically, it looks like a cactus plant. the bristles are short: it's synthetic so very rubbery and flexible. The brush coats every single one of your lashes, be the fine or thick and instantly adds volume and curve, in just one coat! However, it is only after two coats that you see the full effects of this mascara: keep layering and people will be telling you that your false lashes look very natural!

- The price/ quality ratio is great, this stuff is seriously inexpensive! You can pick yours up at any drugstore, Wal-mart or low-end beauty supply store near you.

- One great plus is that the packaging of the Rimmel London sexy curves mascara is beautiful: people will stare when they see you whip it out of your bag in the ladies' room for any touch-ups during the day.

-The third "ball" on top can double as inner-corner lash getter that Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes, or L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara is famous for. If you place the wand vertically under your eyes, you can really bring out those usually hard- to get lashes near your tear ducts.

- It also comes in a waterproof version.

The Bad:

- It does have a synthetic brush, so it can be hard on your lashes when applying. Some people might not like the dragging effect on your lashes.

Bottom Line:

Buy this mascara the next time you are makeup shopping. Super accessible, super great mascara, what more do you want?

To buy this mascara online:

To check out other Rimmel Products, check out their website:

To find out what The Phenomen'Eyes Eyes is, go visit Sephora's website:


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