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Review of new Pureology Style + Care Infusions

Updated on May 25, 2016

With warm weather hitting the US, most of us aren't interested in loading up our hair with tons of styling products. With the bases of most post-shampoo products consisting of oils, waxes, plastics and/or silicones, a little bit goes a long way on hot, humid days. Too much of a good thing can lead to limp hair, stickiness and even complexion breakouts. What to use?

Now there's Pureology Style + Care Infusions to the rescue! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

This new line promises weightless control and conditioning and it definitely lives up to that.You don't need much product at all to give yourself light styling polish. It uses xylose sugar as a gentle way of smoothing and protecting the hair cuticle.

It comes in three formulations: one meant for volume boosting, one for curl control and another for smoothing. Packaged in dual-chambered soft plastic tubes, you squeeze a small dab from the middle to mix the styling and curative formulas into the drop that you emulsify and mix in your palms.

  • Curl Complete has a faint sweet mango scent and . Not only is it perfect for curly or wavy hair color-treated hair, but it's also great for those post beach or pool days where you don't feel like blow-drying. This would be a terrific product to take on a cruise or other foreign travel: your hair will be grateful for the styling vacation and sometimes, you can't get the right electrical adapters to get a blow dryer working.
  • Pure Volume has a more intense floral-vanilla scent and is enriched with wheat protein. For those of you who live for the professional, modern blowout look for fine color-treated hair, this is the product for you. When you look at the younger generation of the "rich girl" set, you'll notice a beefier look for hair, but still touchable. There's never a helmet head to be seen!
  • Smooth Perfection has a fresh rain-wildflower scent and incorporates coconut oil. For those of you who suffer from summertime (or anytime!) frizzies with your color-treated hair, the camellia oil in this product will let you do a minimal, light blowout and dispense with frying flatirons.

With this line, you can forget about the silicone drops, shine sprays and oils to give your hair gloss.

5 stars for Pureology Style + Care Infusions


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