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Review of Almay Smart Shade Skin Balancing Foundation

Updated on June 18, 2013

What Do I Think?

So, I ran out of foundation a few weeks ago, I was using Covergirl Clean Foundation before, and decided I didn't like it that much and I would try something new. While browsing the drugstore cosmetics section, I looked long and hard for something new to replace my previous foundation. I usually stick to Covergirl and Loreal products, but Almay kept catching my eye this time, and I settled for the Almay Smart shade balancing foundation in light (because I am fair and have freckles). This foundation promises good coverage and perfect match to your complexion. It comes in three shades; light, medium, and dark, and cost around $10 at the drugstore.

Let me start out by saying, that I do like the product overall, but it is not a true foundation. When you squeeze the product out of the tube, it is a white liquid with color beads in it. As you blend it into your skin, the color matches your complexion and even outs your overall skin tone. However, the coverage really sucks on this foundation. It is way too sheer to even be called a foundation, and you cannot build up the coverage at all. This is more of a BB cream or tinted moisturizer, that is how it performs. It does match my skin tone well though, I find it hard to imagine that it would match everyone though, I just don't see how it could. I use this product for heading out to the gym or simple errands around town, because it is sheer and it covers just enough. However, I did have to go back to the drugstore to pick up a real foundation (Loreal True Match is my fave), because I need more coverage for certain activities.

Needless to say, Almay Smart Shade foundation disappoints, because of it being so sheer and not covering the way it promises to. However, if you are looking for an inexpensive BB cream or tinted moisturizer, this might just do the trick. Different coverage for different purposes, right?


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