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Review of beyond Her blush: a subscription beauty box service

Updated on May 14, 2016

The advantages of subscriptions beauty boxes and beyond Her blush above all

If you watch the cable business channels, you already know that in the next few years, 20% or more of US shoppers will get all of its goods online. Malls are dying, anchor stores are dying, the real estate around them is dying.

But, one of the delights of shopping at a traditional department store for makeup was the personal service. In days gone by, stylists and makeup artists attended to creating your individual perfection under specialized lights, while you sat on a high bar stool. Now, due to staffing cutbacks, there's nobody of any deep training to help you. What few customers the store has left pile up around the counters, un- or under-served. You certainly don't feel any more stylish or beautiful after an experience like that!

On the other hand, subscription (beauty) boxes are the hottest thing in internet purchases. But here's the closely kept secret on one of the famous, early monthly boxes: it's kind of based on a rip-off, bait and switch business model! They throw into a cardboard box a few unwanted samples that quite frankly, you could get upon request at any perfume counter. Their hope is that you're so enchanted, you'll buy their curated products at full price.

Sure, people love getting a monthly surprise present in the mail . . . even if they pay for it! But there's gotta be a better way. Now, there is! beyond Her blush is a new monthly beauty subscription service that contains a complete look put together by iconic celebrity stylists! If you remember the days of the finest department stores, who actually had someone you could respect when they pulled items for you to try, you'll love this company! I was very happy to be hosted to experience it.

The box I tried was curated by Stephanie Yaggy Lavery, the editor in chief of the nail lifestyle magazine, Nail It. She explained how the current trend for spring got going, looking at the textile and art worlds. The kit contained what you need to make floral nail art.

The first step was a special set of finger tip masks that help you avoid gooping up your whole hand. You may need to have a buddy help you slip them on a couple of your dominant fingers! They would not count against 3-1-1 carry-on, TSA travel bag. The mask stay on for about 15 minutes and not only help soften cuticles, but they also painlessly whiten and brighten nails.

A selection of bright, contrasting Mosi Mei polishes and a top coat were included, along with specially shaped toothpicks to create the nail art. I was previously unfamiliar with this brand. The colors were quite pigment rich in a thinner formulation. You can use them on bare nails -- you don't need a base coat -- which, along with the formula, makes for a quicker dry time. More appropriate for us modern gals with things to do! The top coat is genius at shining things up and keeping your nails chip free.

I'm not particular great at nail art -- I can barely manage a French manicure -- but between the consistency of the colors and the little shaped toothpicks, I was able to make some abstract little flowers. It was a cute design . . . you might be able to do better.

All in all, I liked the insider's view as to the trend and the quality/mixture of products. It was well thought out and most importantly, gave me a touch more style!

5 stars for beyond Her blush subscription beauty box


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