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Review of Brock Beauty: Maker of Hairfinity, Dermera and other beautifiers

Updated on November 20, 2016

It seems that the whole world is under stress and it's affecting out looks -- including our hair and skin! Global events, politics, the holidays, the bills, the people . . . you name it, they've probably gotten on your last nerve. The more you've "taken it on the chin", the more you're most likely seeing adverse affects on your looks. You need to attack the problem both inside and out. Fortunately, you can do that with Brock Beauty, maker of Hairfinity and Dermera cosmetic neutraceuticals, as well as topically applied products.. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

Recently, I was speaking with an older lady who was convinced that people were breaking into her house at night and shaving her hair. It all sounded a little crazy, so I pursued the matter further. As it turns out, the poor dear's husband had left her (that seems to be happening with disturbing frequency, these days), and she had to move into an unfamiliar housing situation. This all led her to become extremely isolated. I pointedly said to the lady that while I'm no doctor, it would seem most likely that extreme stress and trauma was leading to her hair breaking off at the root. With a deep sigh, she reluctantly agreed. If something like that happens to you -- besides seeking medical help -- you need to start taking very good care of yourself, to preserve your beauty.

Brock Beauty is a company that prides itself on using naturally based ingredients for efficacious results.

Dermera is a skin and body supplement using new and unique combinations of nutrients in a smooth capsule formula. It utilizes phytoceramides to plump skin, astaxanthin to reduce age spots and wrinkles, CoQ10 for skin cells, MSM (which French models are known to take for nail strength), pea protein as a vegan based protein, horsetail stem extract for a good source of antioxidant silicone, Vitamin C to promote wound healing, Biotin for skin regeneration, Vitamin E to combat the appearance of UV damage and Calcium for healthy cells.

After taking two capsules daily for several weeks, I found my raggedy lifestyle was having less of an effect on my skin and general wellness. The only cold I caught went through my system in less than a day. A man I encountered on a sidewalk in West Virginia remarked that it was "So nice to see young people . . . ". Ha!

If you look young -- but aren't actually young -- you've probably discovered that it's harder for you to grow out your hair. Hairfinity hair vitamins contain many of the same ingredients as Dermera, but with the addition of Vitamin D for healthy hair and scalp, Pantothenic Acid for strengthening the hair follicle and Vitamin B12 for helping to deliver oxygen to the hair follicles.

Even though the weather has turned cool and I'm using a lot more hair appliances than in warm weather, my tresses aren't looking as beat-up as they deserve to. Looking at selfies from a couple of months ago, I'm definitely seeing noticeable growth.

Hairfinity Nourishing Botanical Oil contains several varieties of seed oils, bark oil, Vitamin E, collagen, coconut, apricot, jojoba, olive and sweet almond oils. This is a very light, easy-slip fluid with a nutty-herbal scent derived from essential oils. There are almost infinite possibilities of using this versatile product! Use it as a pre-shampoo treatment, as a sealant for split ends, as a soother for itchy scalp, a cuticle balm and lots of other beauty cures.

If you've chemically treated your hair by coloring or straightening it -- or both! -- you've likely experienced what are euphemistically called "baby bangs". Hairfinity Infinite Edges Serum is an ingenious new product to combat those broken pieces near the hairline. It comes in a brush pen applicator, making it easy and meticulous to get right in there. It has Vitamins A and E, wheat proteins, rose water, licorice root and white tea extracts. Apply it daily to condition your problem areas.

5 stars for Brock Beauty


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